Thursday, 26 May


21-15-9 for time

Thrusters (95 lbs.)

Ensure you get full depth on your thrusters - remember full front squat, then explode upwards with a lock out of your arms at the top.  If you need to scale the weight in order to get full range of motion and high intensity, then scale it. 

Thruster video:

There are several Fran videos on Youtube if you want to watch other people crush it.

Post time to comments.


JC said...

Thought I had done Fran before, but I was wrong. So I set Fran benchmark today:

11:03 - definitely room for improvement

Way to get after it morning crew!

Adam said...

Also my first Fran. Went as rx'd:


My goal by Christmas is 8:00.

Mac tore it up this morning and thanks to Mac for advice on squat and stretching technique.

Anonymous said...

5:47. Unfortunately about 30 seconds off of my PR, but I'm smoked nonetheless.

Fran is such an awesome WOD...push, pull, aerobic, anaerobic, gymnastic. And the difficulty ultimately depends on your level of intensity, and how much you are willing to push yourself. Maybe, one day, when I design the next Army physical fitness test...

baby huey said...


jswobe said...


Three minute improvement over my first Fran. Woo-hoo!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jck said...

9:59 not my best time by far.

ErinM said...

Helen, with a twist
(26lb KB swing one-arm, greenband one-arm pull-ups)

ErinM said...