Thursday, 05/05/11

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Gymnastics Improvement Day!

5 rounds for time:

5 handstand pushups
5 muscle-ups

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Adam said...

Many thanks to SG for working with my muscle-up form. Almost there!

I spent the whole time working muscle-ups and did a couple of rounds of HSPU to knock the rust off.

SG said...

11:56 as rx'd

First time getting through a high volume of both of those movements without assistance. Thanks to Adam and Scotty for sticking around.

ErinM said...

Not being able to do this WOD - tried something different this morning.

IOCT + two gym loops (from basement to 4th floor) with sandbag (somewhere around 60lb)


Picked up, pushed, or carried sandbag through all obstacles except for monkey bars, wall, and rope (crawled on top of the monkey bars, passed bag through wall and ran over it myself, and used rope ladder).

Pauly D said...

I usually celebrate cinco de mayo with this AMRAP.

AMRAP 8 hrs:

1 shot pitrone anejo
6 corona

Dan said...

On the road for work...Stopped by Crossfit Omaha and did this WOD.

12 DB Thruster @25lb DBs
Sprint 40 yds
12 DB Swing @50lbs (similar to KB swing)
Sprint 40 yds
12 Push Ups
Sprint 40 yds
12 DB Swing
Sprint 40 yds
12 DB Thruster
Sprint 40 yds