Tuesday, 02/01/11

Note: Weather is supposed to arrive early in the morning.  Check here to see if we are at code red before you head into the gym.

For those of you who have been missing muscle-ups, today is your lucky day.  For those of you are are scared of muscle-ups, it is time to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.  Get to the gym and work on your technique!

WOD Part 1:
15 Muscle-ups for time

Rest as necessary then

WOD Part 2:
50 Deadlift for time (225/155)

Post time for both parts to comments

Here is a good all-around video on the muscle-up

Here is a technique video to help with improving your transition

This video is on the "glide-kip" muscle-up


kseki said...

1000m Row
5 rounds
20 KB Swings 1.5pood
10 Burpees

15 Muscle Ups
5 minutes and change.

Anonymous said...

heavy snatch, 3x3x3x3x3
135, 135, 145, 155, 185x2(f)

5:55 on the muscle ups...SFC sek - started started after me and finished before me only missing 1 rep!! probably closer to 4min and some change! making it look easy out there

jswobe said...

No rings for muscle-ups. Subbed 3 pull ups & 3 rings dips per:

15 RFT:
3 pull ups
3 ring dips


Deadlifts: 10:30
**I had to pause partway through in order to grab some wrist straps b/c my grip was failing (read: I couldn't hold nuthin'!).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Stroh's Lite said...

Did muscle up form practice with Tex to include a ton of ring dips and skin the cat shoulder mobility exercises.

4:57 on 225 DL X 50 reps.
That was a smoker, I broke it into sets of 10, tried not to "bounce the bar" on the bottom, and do more strict DL's.

Tex said...

1:50 on the MUs
3:23 on the DLs

Stroh's you were actually 3:57 for the dead lift because we started at 1 minute on the clock

Matt said...


Muscle-ups: 4:37 (I did the first 5 unbroken and then it went downhill from there)

Deadlift: 4:29

Adam said...

Despite some great coaching from JWM, I am still a fat 0 on the muscle-ups. I did a lot of practice and pull-ups and then did the deadlift with 185 #: 7:13

JWM said...

Muscle-ups as rx'd: 2:24
Deadlift as rx'd: 3:12

The muscle-ups felt good and it was a good reminder of how much fatigue impacts you during the second 15 (my 30 muscle-ups for time is well over double my 15 rep time).

The deadlift felt pretty good but it was a challenge to keep a strong core for the last 15-20 reps.

Next time we play with MUs I want to work on a no false grip MU and see if I can swing it.

Tex said...

Tried for max reps unbroken DUs after climbing practice today and made 103 consecutive. Next goal:200

ErinM said...

Week 2.5 of trying to not stress elbow:

In lieu of morning workout - run in the sleet and dark to Thayer via river route: 14:05.

Then - serious double under practice and made-up WOD:
5x[30 squats, 20 sit-ups, 10 double unders] 11:58

Joe said...

Three rounds 15 pull ups 15 ring dips 5:28
Ring dips smoked me!!

4:32 deadlift as Rx'd

Dan said...

Three rounds
15 pull ups & 15 ring dips (w/ blue bands)
Deadlift as Rx'd