Tuesday, 01/25/11

Five rounds for time:
Run gym loop
5 Handstand push-ups
20 Burpees

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Anonymous said...

16:25 as rx'd.

JWM said...

18:38 as rx'd

Bobby, that is awesome! Way to push it out there.

Smaller group this morning. Did the snow scare people? I'm just sayin...

Nick B said...

WOW- some serious times Bobby and JWM...I rocked a 23:30 something..went right to bands for the 5 handstand pus to keep intensity high- felt good- love ths type of WOD! Glad my 0615 crew showed up- thanks for the push

Chris M said...

Trying to ease back into it.
I used bands on the HSPUs and scaled the burpees to 20,10,10,10,10. Still crushed me.

Matt said...


Brilliant WOD. It had the perfect combo of strength and such in a way that you could keep moving, but the catch was just how fast. Definitely not in my wheel house, there wasn't any pull-ups.


@ Bobby and JWM, great times.

Kings said...

19:52 but with some changes. I did 5 rounds of:

500m Row(although I was only able to do the row for the 1st 2 rounds b/c the rower got nabbed so finished with 1200m bike for the last 3 rounds)
20 Burpees

That 16:52 is pretty amazing!! Good job!!

Kings said...

oh, and the 18:38 isn't too shabby either, JWM.

njc said...

bands for HSPUs after round 2

i love burpees

Adam said...

21:02 as rx'ed.

Tough WOD, but I was able to do all HSPU unbroken which is a PR. My gym loops were rather pathetic and the burpees crushed me. Love it.

jswobe said...


Ouch. I had nothing today. Maybe I'm getting sick. Yeah, yeah - that's it... (or some other THS excuse...)

Nice work on those sub-20 times!

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...


Severely modified for elbow. Tried to recreate pain of burpees though:
10 box jumps, 20 wall ball shots (14lb) instead of HSPU and burpees

Anonymous said...

26:42 rx'd

Dan said...

Used the bands for HSPUs. Remaining portion of the WOD as rx'd.


JC said...

Made-up this WOD on 1/26/11:


Used the green bands for HSPUs

Joe said...

18:26 handstand push ups used green and blue bands

JV said...

23:14 after a great YWW. Feeling a little sorry for myself.