Wednesday, 01/12/11

The bottom line is that we are in Code Red from midnight until 2000.  That means it is highly unlikely that Arvin will be open at 0530 for the morning WOD.  Here are a couple WOD options for tomorrow.  Worst case you can pick the tabata WOD and do it in your room.  No excuse for not getting a WOD in!

WOD #1
Snow shoveling for time
(this WOD only counts if there are at least 12" of snow and should be combined with another WOD)

WOD #2
Run 5k

WOD #3
Row 5k

WOD #4
Tabata Snow Day
Complete tabata rounds of:

(in that order)

Post WOD and time/score to comments


ErinM said...

Lee Gate run. 26:34. PR for running in considerable amounts of snow! That was awesome.

Adam said...

Goat Warm-up:
Gym loop x 4 (< 1:30 per lap)
15 x KBS 53 lbs
OHS: 10 x 65 lbs, 6 x 85 lbs (PR), 10 x 55 lbs

Tabata Snow Day WOD:
PU: 10 (Weak!) (107 total)
SU: 13 (113 total)
Squat: 17 (137 total)
Burpee: 5 (47 total)

jswobe said...

Did the "wall climb" WOD from the CF main page. All the chatter on here piqued my interest...

5 rounds for time:
10 wall climbs
10 toes to bar
20 box jumps


The wall climbs were definitely hard, and I ended up dropping them to 5 per on the later rounds. I spent a lot of time on my chest, feeling sorry for myself.

I now hope the wall climbs do not show up anytime soon. Sorry, Matt...

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Nick B said...

knocked out an unnamed from the WODshop
3 rounds for time:
10 Power cleans (135lbs)
10 front squat (135lbs)
gym loop
10 burpees
10 pull ups
15 box jumps

ahhh! was a great WOD! 2150 something

Brian said...

Thayer Gate Run - 20:05

Stroh's Lite said...

WOD #1 Snow shovelling.
No time record, just moved a lot of snow over a long time, side walk, driveway, un-buried three cars before breakfast.

WOD#2 Skiing Victor Constant for 3 hrs non stop slope to lift to slope

Functional fitness is so much more fun and useful than globo gym workouts...

Tex said...

All the treadmills were full and I didn't have the resolve to go outside, so I did 2000 ft on the Jacob's ladder for time.


Absolutely demolished me. Then I set a 4:40 PR for giving blood at 7:21.

jodi said...

I dug out 2 cars and went snowboarding for 3 hours!

Joe said...

10 push ups
12 sit ups
15 squats
5 burpees

Dan said...

11 push ups
8 sit ups
13 squats
3 burpees

Added a Tabata DU when I was done to work on them and lowest round was 7.

JC said...

Did snow shoveling WOD on 1/12 and 5k - 21:49 on 1/13