Thursday, 01/06/11

First Day of Class!  I hope it goes well for everybody.  Time to start the semester off on the right foot by coming in for CrossFit before breakfast!

7 Push press (95/65)
7 Burpee lateral jumps (over your press bar)

Post rounds to comments.

Bonus round:
Tabata double unders (for total repetitions)


Neal said...

JWM, thanks for the Helen shout out yesterday. I'm just glad I don't have to endure the embarrassment of arm wrestling you more often.

The latest B&G t-shirt has made me like the coolest cat here at Ft. Leavenworth. It's definitely my favorite and I wear it proudly every chance I get.

Welcome back to all you xfit ninjas out there...hope you had a great break and you're ready to get after it this semester. I heard about your big win over Navy in Philly! You guys rock! Keep up all the great work. Can't wait to work with you again out there in the Big Army.


SG said...

7 rounds + 4 push press at 65 lbs

Bonus: 226 DUs

Awesome to see all of the "legends" today. Keep bringing people's makes a huge difference to have the place packed for a tough WOD.

JWM said...

7 rounds + 7 PP + 2 burpees

Bonus: 173 DUs

Amazing crew this morning. Thanks to all of you for joining us and hope to see you there again tomorrow.

Shout out to Kings who destroyed the WOD. He scaled the weight up and still ran circles around me!

Adam said...

8 rounds + 2 PP as RX'ed.

177 for DU bonus. thanks to JWM for the magic yellow rope.

Kings said...

10 rds + 5 PP at 115#

Bonus: 166

Thanks, JWM, but I probably outweigh you by at least that proportion.

Matt said...


9 rounds as Rx'd.

I completely spaced on doing the follow-up WOD of double-unders.

Anonymous said...

11 rds exactly. Didn't do the DU's after... I was too spent.

jswobe said...

7 rounds

120 DUs

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

6 rounds-had to scale it down to just the bar because I'm just starting. Very challenging and intense for a 10 minute workout!

Nick B said...

8 rounds 4 burpees as Rxd
66 DUs

njc said...

7 rounds + 7PP + 2 burpees

scaled to 65 lbs to get back in the swing of things... it's been a while.

sdc said...

8 rounds +7 push press
scaled to 65 lbs

LST said...

7 rounds + 2 PP.

A tough one, but did a lot better than I thought I would.

Joe said...

7 tough rounds!!
Like it. I still miss having my wind.

Dan said...

6 rds + 7 pp

100 DU