Saturday, 01/08/11 - Sunday, 01/09/11

Rest Days.

These are well earned days of recovery if you were knocking out all of the WODs this week.  Get some rest and get ready to start hard again next week.


Adam said...

Does anyone know if/when Arvin is open tomorrow? I wasn't sure if it would be open at 0530 like normal class days or if it would be delayed/closed due to snow.


Adam said...

In order to make up for missing Buddy Murph yesterday, I did the WOD from the main site:
5 rounds for time:
10 x chest to wall
10 x toes to bar
20 x box jumps (24 in)

As RX'ed 35:30; the chest to wall are absolutely exhausting, one of the toughest workouts I've done.

Dan said...

Skipped 1/2 murph to hit the gym and practice my bicep curls and staredowns in the mirror.

Kidding of course.

1/2 Murph --33:14 (yikes)

Thanks for a great first week of WODs. Looking forward to next week!

njc said...

Bobby and I did a Saturday smoker after class:

AMRAP 20 mins

6 Deadlift (225,155)
7 burpee Pull-ups
10 KB swings (70,53)
Run 200 meters

Scaled DL to 135, KB to 35#
Used one 2nd floor gym loop for the run

6 Rounds + DL + 2 burpee pullups