Tuesday, 01/18/11

Three rounds for time:
15 Deadlift (225/155)
Stationary bike 1 mile

If no stationary bikes are available, run two gym loops instead.

Don't forget to bring a towel with you and take it into the cardio room when you head to the bike.

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JWM said...

No luck on the gym this morning. I will see if I can't get there later today. If not I might try an alternate WOD at home.

JC said...

Did a modified code red kitchen version of yesterday's WOD, "Cindy"

22 rounds and 5 dips

5 HSPU (Switched to 5 kitchen chair dips and 5 kitchen chair overhead press after round 5)
10 PU
15 Squats

Matt said...

Aloha from one of the few places on Earth that doesn't have snow,

I did 800m runs instead of the bike. DL as Rx'd.


I was able to do all sets of DL unbroken. The run was tough, but thank goodness for Pose. If you haven't learned it, I highly recommend it. I was fortunate enough to learn for Dr. Romanov himself (he is a little out there though). Pre-CrossFit, pre-foot injuries (2 x reconstructive foot surgeries) my fastest 2 mile time as an LT and CPT was in the 15:30 range no matter how much I ran. In my first running APFT after my surgeries (this past OCT), I ran a 13:52 and still had more in the tank. Pose WORKS.

Kings said...

10:09 as Rxed(225) on a spin bike.

There is definitely a difference between which bike you use. I had the spin bike ratcheted down pretty good, but I still think the bikes with the screens took others a little longer.

Nick B said...

went for the double wammy this afternoon- did 17 rounds of Cindy then transitioned into todays w/o as Rxd and finished in about 1530. I used the bike with the screen right inside the cardio room doors..didnt feel like it pushed me like I anticipated- might try it again with the concept II...overall good WOD x2

jswobe said...


Bike @ level 12.

Maybe should have done the bike at a lower level to increase the overall speed, but did not want to decrease once I had started...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Stroh's Lite said...

15:06 with 2X gym loops subbed in for bike.

Tex and I figured that running a gym loop (or two) is more functional than a stationary bike. If the weather was nice I think actually having a bike and a mile loop (dirt single track with varying terrain) would be ideal. Working all sorts of things like agility, balance etc, stationary bike not so much.

Also transitioning from DL to stair running is a doozy on the lower back! Awesome.

Adam said...

14:34 with 185# DL & 2 x gym loops

Thanks to Tex and Stroh's Lite for the coaching/motivation.

Also, if you ever want a motivational/annoying running coach, ask Stroh's Lite to help - my last gym loop I was trying to catch him so I could puke on him, but he always stayed one step ahead.

Tex said...

12:44 as rx'd with gym loops

I almost lost my spicy chicken patties and corn chowder on the gym loops. I agree with Stroh's that the stairs after the gym loop were brutal.

Joe said...

15:06 no stationary bike had to ride the road

Fun wod thanks for the programing

JWM said...

Could not get to the gym before they closed so I had to improvise and come up with something at home.

Four rounds for time:
Row 500m
10 med-ball cleans (20#)


Smoked my legs pretty well but I would like to get that deadlift work in sometime this week!

Anonymous said...

12:38 as rx'd. Used a Concept II bike at level 12. Not really a fan of the bike...

Dan said...

18:16 as rx'd

Subbed 1m road ride on the mt bike for stationary bike