Friday, 01/14/11

CrossFit Friday!!!

As a buddy team for time:

Part 1
Start in ’62 CrossFit Room with 50 pull-ups and 10 Handstand Push-ups (per team not per person)
Run to Hayes Gym, climb IOCT ropes on far side and run ½ lap to far side of track.
Exit track and run down to the 2nd floor.
Burpee broad jump from the entrance of Hayes Gym to the stairway to heaven.
Buddy carry into the 4th floor gym.
In the 4th floor gym, execute one "IMT suicide" - instead of simply touching each line, the entire body must be on the ground (hands, chest and thighs in contact with the ground) beyond every turnaround line. Suicides are as usual (free-throw, center court, far free-throw, baseline)
From 4th floor gym, exit on SW side and run down South stairs to first floor and enter the center doors of the ’62 room.

Perform 50 deadlift @ 135/95 lbs – only one partner may be working at a time, other partner must be in the plank before deadlifter can begin. (again, 50 reps per team not per person)

Repeat Part 1

Time stops as soon as you enter the '62 room after the second round.

If you are off-site and unable to do this WOD, you can substitute "Brenton"
Five rounds for time of:
Bear crawl 100 feet
Standing broad-jump, 100 feet

Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Post WOD and time to comments


jswobe said...

That is awesome! Even though "Brenton" sounds like fun, the WOD at Arvin would be great. Have a good time...

JWM said...

Good WOD to end the week on.


I did it with SG and JC so we modified a bit. We did 75 and 15 for the pull-ups and we did 75 reps of the Deadlift but said that two people could work at a time. For the buddy carries, we each took a turn but that gave us a little rest and slowed the time a bit.

Thanks to SG and JC for the push!

njc said...

Bobby and Nick


Although he's got 50 lbs on me, props to Bobby for picking up my slack on the buddy carry up the stairs and the HSPU. good times

Matt said...


I did the off-site WOD, obviously. Needless to say it was a smoker as all Hero WODs are.

With a 20lbs vest: 13:28

Kings said...

Foot is still a little sore. Decided to do a modified Nancy:

5 Rds of:
500 M Row
15 OHS (95#)


JWM said... about a wheelhouse WOD for you! Good stuff.

Kings said...

That's true. The workouts for today looked as though it would be too much for my foot so I decided to adjust one of my favorites. I got a great push from ACE on this one.

Adam said...

THS (tiny heart syndrome) kept me in bed past my alarm, so I made up for it during lunch.

Body Weight 100:
10 x body weight bench press (185#)
10 x b.w. back squat (185#)
10 x b.w. deadlift (185#)
10 x pull ups (strict)
10 x ring dips
10 x box jumps (24")
10 x ankles to the bar
10 x burpees
10 x chin-ups
10 x jumping lunges (total, not per leg)


Pretty slow time because I had to break up the squats and the chin-ups. My body is shot after a tough week and I was dying on the squats. Good WOD though, maybe next time make it an AMRAP 20 or something.

jswobe said...

Brenton: 12:15

no vest

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have made it for the early morning group, but based on the previous posts most didn't so I feel a little less bad.

Anyway, did the WOD with CK in 23:05. Whoever thought burpee long jumps could be so brutal?

jswobe said...

@Adam -- that BW 100 WOD is great.

Either AMRAP 20 or 2-3 rounds.

I like it!

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...


Thanks, it's a modified version of a work out we used to do when I was a company commander. If you only do one round, it takes more time to set everything up and tear it down than it does to execute the WOD, so doing an AMRAP or multiple rounds would be better.

Tex said...

Ashamed to have missed this AM. I did the WOD with kseki Thursday night in 19:48. Awesome time, Bobby and thanks for picking up my slack Justin.

Dan said...

Did the "525" WOD from the Oregon Trail site and scaled the weight up

25 Box jumps (20")
25 Pull-ups
25 Overhead squats @ 65lbs
25 Kettlebell swings (@53#)
25 Burpees


Joe said...

I did the "525" wod
25 20" box jumps
25 pull ups
25 65# overhead squats
25 53# kb swings
25 burpees

6:13 great wod!! Thanks Jake