Friday, 01/28/11

CrossFit Friday

Warrior Athletes,
Very, soon you cadets will be responsbile for planning workouts for your platoons. Here’s a WOD to keep in your back pocket for such an occasion. All it requires is a ruck, an IBA, some weight and pull-ups bars. That being said, bring the first three things and we will supply the pull-up bars. Men, pack 45lbs into your ruck, ladies, 25lbs.
A rucked-up symphony of two movements in two parts (plus a bonus):

Starting in the ’62 room
Part 1 – “G.I. Fran” (wearing an IBA)
21-15-9 reps of:
Rucksack Thrusters (45/25 lbs)

Rest approximately 3 minutes

In the 4th floor gym
Part 2 – “The Buddy Dragging Club” (Wearing IBA and ruck, with a buddy of similar weight)
As a pair, complete 4 laps of the 4th floor gym with buddy drags (alternate as needed)
In between each round complete 10 push-ups each still wearing the rucksack.

If you dare complete the Bonus Round
Part 3 – “Flip, Push, Carry, Drop. Repeat.” (Wearing IBA, start in the basement)
3 rounds of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
500m run (basement to 4th floor gym loop, wearing rucksack)

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Adam said...

I won't be doing the CFF WOD in the morning (I tweaked my back 2 WODs ago & giving it a rest), but I will be running the Arvin 5 Miler (20 gym loops for time) in the AM if anyone is interested in a WOD that doesn't involve the upper body.

JWM said...

First off, great to see you all out there this morning. Talk about motivating.

Ouch! A WOD that makes me appreciate the warriors we have out on the front lines dragging people through much more difficult terrain than Arvin so that we can live comfortably in the best country in the world and choose when we are going to knock out a WOD.

Part 1 - 5:53 but I did not have an IBA

Part 2 - I partnered with Tex and we finished in about 22:16 (about because I was a little delerious and am not sure how long it took me to stop my watch)

Thanks to Tex for the great push and for lugging my extra weight around (I think I have about 20 pounds on him).

Nick B said...

500m Row
5xWall Climbs
10xPower Clean(135,95)
15xKnees to Elbows
25xWall Balls(20,14)
Run to 4th floor gym
1 set of suicides across BB court
Back to 62 room
25xMed Ball Situp throws
20xKB Swings
10xBack Squats
5xHand Stand Pushups

19:00 flat-
Courtesy of Sekishiro!
awesome WOD

njc said...

5:06 for GI Fran
then dragged and got dragged by a buddy who had 90 lbs on me... fun! Only had time for 2 laps,
about 13 or 14 minutes I think.

Followed it up with Survival Swimming 1st hour in ACUs.

Tex said...

Part 1: 4:23 as rx'd
Part 2: 22:17 with JWM.
That was painful.

Next week, we drag a tank!

Matt said...


I did "Holbrook" from the mainsite yesterday. Thrusters as Rx'd and C2B pull-ups.

1:07 - 1:35.

I sand bagged two rounds because only 2 of the 10 were over 1:30.

Adam said...

I ended up running outside today with my dog. Ran about 5 miles in 36 minutes. It was a nice change of pace and gave my back a much needed rest.

jswobe said...

Although today's WOD(s) looked like fun, I did an alternate.

Fran (as rx'd):


My first Fran. Hmmmph...the thrusters were harder than I expected them to be...

@njc: "survival swimming" or "plebe drowning" = good times, good memories...

@JWM: Did Scot Grieg deploy from up there? I think he may be one of our S&T guys right now...???

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

That was awesome. Did the WOD from this morning - quite a bit modified and without a buddy.

Part I:
21-15-9 Squats, lunges wearing ruck: 4:11.

Part II:
No buddy - so sandbags! Tied two together with the rope (about 140+lb) and dragged the L of the 1st floor hallway four times. 13:23

Part III:
5 sit-ups wearing ruck (those are tough), 500m gym loop (basement to 4th): 13:21

ErinM said...

Part III:
[5 sit-ups, 500 m loop] X 3.

Joe said...

Fran at 65# 4:16

The O.G. At 35# 9:36

Dan said...

Fran @65lbs (w/ blue bands for pull-ups after the first 4 reps without bands)