Thursday, 01/20/11

CrossFit Thursday:

On Friday the Academy will be hosting the 30th anniversary reunion for the Iranian Hostages, 52 of whom spent 444 days in captivity. West Point was the first place in the United States where these hostages were taken after their release in 1981. A ceremony will be held mid-morning on Friday to honor the strength, resolve and spirit which they all displayed throughout their captivity. As such, classes on Friday will begin an hour early. Because of this, CrossFit Friday is temporarily CrossFit Thursday. So, get your weight vests (IBA with some plates) on and get ready for an early Thursday morning escape planned by our very own Justin Weeks.

Escaping the Embassy (weight vest optional) -
Start in Hayes Gym
Complete 3 rounds of
- Rope climb to shelf
- Run ½ lap, down stairs
- 5 Wall Climbs [mov] [wmv]
- 10 Burpees

Run to 4th Floor and bear crawl to 4th Floor Gym
In the 4th Floor Gym Complete 3 Rounds of
- 1 Suicide
- 25 Push-Ups

Bear crawl back to the top of Stairs and run to back down to Hayes Gym.
In Hayes Gym Complete
- 30 Sit-up to Pull-ups


kseki said...

5 wall climbs?

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

kseki - check the link for a video of a WOD including wall climbs.

kseki said...

I was curious how many per round... I did them during the WOD in the video and it was pretty miserable doing 10 per round. I saw the draft of this WOD and just confirming that it's 5.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

ok, I am an idiot. Yeah we are doing 5 per round...Thanks for the catch!

Anonymous said...

23:54 with IBA + 20#

Adam said...

21:41 without a vest. I went up and down the same set of stairs (Stairway to Heaven).

Great WOD, glad to see everyone there.

SG said...

23:39 without vest.

Great crowd today!

JWM said...

21:43 with no vest

Good WOD and great group in there this morning. It is always more motivating to have other people there sucking with you.

njc said...

26:41 with no vest.

Those wall climbs and burpees killed me... glad to see Weeks showed up to his own workout (not)

Nick B said...

27:04- great WOD
Weeks- big bites at lunch today. well done.

Kings said...

Had to adjust the workout a bit. Couldn't get into Hayes and still not running yet.

3 rds of:
5 pull-ups
5 KTEs
Row 85 meters
5 wall climbs
10 burpees

3 rds of:
Row 250m
25 push ups

Finished off with 30 sit ups to pull-ups.


Tex said...

30:33 with IBA + 20lbs
Bobby, you smoked me.

JWM said...

By the way...great work for those of you rocking through that WOD with a vest and weight! It beat my down something fierce with no added weight so it was motivating to see some of you out there pushing through with the extra weight!

jswobe said...

Not being near Arvin, I did an alternate weightlifting WOD from "The WOD Shop:"

Power Cleans 3-3-3-3-3 @70% 1RM
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 @72% 1RM

Cleans: 135#
PP: 115#

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Joe said...

3 Rounds
5 towel pull ups
5 towel knees to elbows
5 wall climbers
10 burpees

9:23 (THS on this wod)

Dan said...

Did the back half of the Oregon Trail WOD

Run 400 meters with 53# KB
25 push-ups
Run 400 meters with 53# KB
25 push-ups
Jog to top of cul-de-sac and bear crawl down the hill.
Burpee broad jump back up the hill and stop the clock at the top.