Thursday, 01/13/11

For time:
Run gym loop
21-15-9 reps of
Box jumps (men and women at 20")
Lunge steps
Run gym loop

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njc said...


this was a fun, short one.

I like when we do a short lesson on the workout before we start. I noticed a lot of new faces who weren't quite sure about the box jump and weren't really extending their hips through at the top. There was some good coaching on the fly though.

Missed you this morning, Bobby

JWM said...


Awesome push (or pull I guess) from SG this morning. I definitely get a better workout when I am chasing after somebody who is smoking me!

NJC, great point, we will start making sure we hit the points of performance before diving in each day.

Adam said...


I need to improve my box jump efficiency, it definitely slows me down.

kseki said...

Was it 2 total gym loops or 4? I did 1 before the 21-15-9 and one between each round. 11:20.

JWM said...

It was one before and one after. You ran a little extra but I will give you bonus points for that!

kseki said...

Crap...Oh well. I guess that's better than just being really slow.

Anonymous said...

6:59. Great welcome back to the I've got a lot of new years resolution work to do.

jck said...


Lunges where a good change of pace. Definietly need to improve the cardio.

ErinM said...


Needed to have access to the box jumps throughout the whole thing - but I'd rather have it be crowded than have hardly anyone there.

JC said...


Did this one at the MWR gym. I don't think a gym loop there is quite the same as Arvin. So instead, I set the treadmil on an 8% incline for 500m.

Matt said...


I messed up the workout and did a little more. Next time I need to pay more attention to what is typed on the screen. I ended up doing 3 x 400m runs: 21 reps of all exercises and then a run, then 15 and a run, and 9 then a run. I'm mad at my run because I could have done it faster, but I didn't push myself. It don't help that it has been raining non-stop for a few days and our 400m course is kind of funky. All that said:


Kings said...

I have somehow bruised the bottom of my left foot so I adjusted this workout slightly.

500 M Row
21-15-9 reps of
Box Jumps(jump up and step down)
Lunge Steps
500 M Row


jswobe said...


I added 40# DBs to the lunges.

I also worked on extending my hips at the top of the box jumps, and it REALLY slowed them down (obviously). I think I was being too deliberate about it at the cost of speed / efficiency...

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

SG said...


JWM...I wouldn't call 7 seconds "smoking" anybody! As always, thanks for helping me keep the intensity up.

Great to have Mac back!

Dan said...


Tam said...

11:01, I suck, but I did it! No _ MAJ Mac, it wasn't fast! Thanks though!

Joe said...

Jake your 400 time must be flying