Wednesday, 01/26/11

Three rounds for time:
10 Knees-to-elbows
20 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
30 Double unders*

*Substitute 4 to 1 single unders for double unders.  If you do not have a jump rope go buy one.  If you can't buy one before the workout, substitute tuck jumps.

Optional Part 2**
Starting in Hayes gym
15 Air Squats
Climb rope to shelf
Run 1/2 lap
Take stairs back into Hayes gym

**Listen to you body.  Do not attempt the second WOD unless you are feeling good.  We still have two solid workouts coming later in the week so if you are starting to feel run-down, call it after the first WOD.

As a preview for Friday morning, you are going to need a ruck with 45 lbs of weight.  Should be a good smoker!


Joe said...

7:41 with single unders

Anonymous said...

5:15 as rx'd

JWM said...

5:04 as Rx'd

Great to see everybody out there pushing it this morning. Awesome hustle by SG who gave me somebody to chase after the whole time.

No bonus round for me this morning so I will see if I can knock something out later today.

Adam said...

7:03 as rx'd.

Thanks to SG for showing me the faster Knees to Elbows technique after the WOD, it would have cut significant time off today, but will be helpful in the future.

My bonus round was goat work on OHS.
10 x 45lbs, 10 x 65lbs, 10 x 85lbs, 2 x 95lbs (PR)

SG said...

4:57 at 35 lb KBSs

Thanks JWM for the improved KTE technique.

JC said...

Made up yesterdays WOD. Brutal!


njc said...

7:18 with tuck jumps (not the best form)

A little too much THS for my liking this morning.

Nick B said...

10:12 - great WOD - double unders suck but gettnig better
did WOD#2 and was sucking on the rope- did 3 complete..losing the lock with the feet
another good day

Matt said...


Scaled up to 70lbs Kettlebell just because.


jswobe said...

Part 1: 8:01
Good WOD...DUs got tough at the end...

Part 2: (modified for my location)
15 air squats
15 pull ups
1 martial arts form (today was kung fu kicking form)

3 rounds complete

(I enjoyed merging the two sports...I think I will do this more often...)

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

couldn't grip my spoon at breakfast

sdc said...

7:18 as rx'd

JV said...

6:38 for the first one, and 6 rounds of hell for the AMRAP

Tex said...

4:36 as rx'd

Then, plate work, bouldering, pull-ups and sit-ups. Get pumped for Friday. The WOD will rock your world.

Dan said...

Had to mod the KTE to hanging leg raises after the first set.