Wednesday, 01/19/11

10 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
20 Sit-ups
30 Double-unders
Run gym loop

Post rounds complete to comments


Adam said...

Arvin Gym is closed for Code Red - seriously, it's only raining!

Arvin has gone soft, but don't let it keep you from doing the WOD later today.

Nick B said...

Code Red = 0700 for Arvin
did 3 complete rounds - double unders really slowed me down and lost some intensity trying to string them togehter.

kseki said...

Wanted to do GHD situps so subbed Situps with GHDs and made it an AMRAP20.
3 rounds+KB, GHDs, and DUs. Double Unders are still very frustrating.

Matt said...


Used a 62lbs Kettlebell so my friend could use the 53.

4 rounds + KBS and sit-ups

Didn't miss a single double-under. That helped a lot.

jswobe said...

3 rounds + KBS, SU, DU & 150m run

(completed 4 rounds at 16:25...sort of dogged the last 250m following the glorious beep of the 15 minute timer...)

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

4 rounds exactly and since my jump rope is still in the mail (darn you!) I had to do the tuck jumps, which slowed me way down.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in a hotel gym, so did the following:

20 min AMRAP
5x body weigh pull downs (200lbs)
10x burpees
15x squats
20x DUs

7 rds + (pull downs, burbees, squats)

This was either pretty painful, or I'm out of shape. I opt for the latter.

sdc said...

4 rounds, plus KBs and 10 situps

Anonymous said...

4 rds + KBS, SU, and DU.

Waited 15 minutes then did another WOD:

Hang power clean 95#


I've been experimenting with this a lot, doing WOD's back to back. We'll see how it goes.

Kings said...

Substituted 500m row for gym loop. Also, inspired by Matt, I used 70# KB.

Just shy of 4 rds. Completed 3 rds + kb swings + sit ups + double unders + 298 m of my 500 m row.

Good workout.

ErinM said...

3 rounds + 10 box jumps, 3 sit-ups

10 box jumps instead of 10 kb swings.
First time I was able to do double unders for a workout! 15 DUs per round, then substituted 4-1 single unders for the other half.

Joe said...

3 rounds +10 kb's +20 sit ups +120 su's
sub du's with 120 su's

Need to work the du's
The O.G. had three rounds +4 kb's at 20#

njc said...

4 rounds + KB

subbed Tuck Jumps for DU

Felt good to use the prescribed weight and not have to scale the KB.

Tex said...

5m short of 5 full rounds

If I only hadn't missed those 2 or 3 double-unders.

Dan said...

3 rounds +kbs + sit ups +du's
The run is a goat for me

Chris said...

Finished 2 rounds and subbed run with 60 seconds moderate on a spin machine. Did 1 round without spin. No nice gym loop in Iraq ;)

First time ever doing
Double-unders suck!

Anyone doing the Tough Mudder in Colorado in June? I'll be there!

Tam said...

Like Kseki, did the 20 AMRAP; 3 rounds, KBs, GHDs and 80 single jumps