Tuesday, 01/04/11

10 Hand release push-ups
20 Air squats [wmv] [mov]
30 Double Unders [wmv] [mov]

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

There is a demo of the push-up standard at about 50 seconds into this video of the final 2010 CrossFit Games WODs.  The standard is pretty simple but the workouts in the video are insane! [wmv] [mov]

If you are unable to do double unders, you can substitute 4:1 single unders.  If you do not have a jump rope, get one!  Until you get one, you can substitute tuck jumps.


JWM said...

8 rounds* + 10 Push-ups + 9 squats

There is a chance that I did 9 rounds and forgot to count the last one because I was spazzing trying to get a few more reps in. Then again, there is a chance it was 8 rounds so I will count it that way.

This WOD might have worked better at an AMRAP 10 to keep intensity high.

ErinM said...

6 rounds + push-ups + squats + 20 single unders

Single under substitution, though I tried double unders nearly every 10 (and made at least 6)

Matt said...


9 rounds.

I did all but one set of double-unders unbroken. I really lolly-gagged between exercises and I did my squats slow.

jacobs said...

I did 7 rounds + 20 squat jumps +10 double unders, with 5 rounds with the tuck jumps, which really smoked me. This was tough.

jswobe said...

6 rounds + 10 DUs

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

10 rounds + 10 push-ups and 7 squats

I missed this AM because of a company run. Approx 32 min of slow running.

Matt, I really respect you for doing the WODs every day alone. It is really hard without the regular crew around. Huge props.

sdc said...

7 rounds
plus pushups and 10 squats

Kings said...

Today's workout:
9 rounds + 7 push-ups.

Forgot to post yesterday's workout:
230# squat clean

9:23 for workout as RXed.

Joe said...

6 +9 push ups

Dan said...

5 rounds + 10 push-ups + 20 squats + 14 DU's (I finished out the 30 after time expired)