Wednesday, 02/02/11

Five rounds for time:
Run up stairway to heaven (4th floor) and back
10 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
10 Handstand Push-ups

If you are not able to do the WOD in Arvin, substitute 30 box jumps per run.

Compare to 9/16/09.

There is a fair chance that Arvin will be closed again in the morning due to the weather inbound tonight.  I recommend checking here before heading to the gym.  If you can't link up with the 0530 crew, feel free to coordinate with people in the comments to link up.  This one will be more fun if you have somebody to chase!


Anonymous said...

11:52. Really started to speed up after the ice melted off of my shoes...that was a fun one.

Matt said...


Ouch. This one was embarrassing. I scaled the box jumps to 20" from 24" after the first round to speed up my turnover and I took about 4" off my HSPU ROM so I could do those better.


Kings said...


Mac, I don't like you very much right now.

First day back running. Didn't feel too bad. All HSPU unassisted.

Finished off with 1 minute of static HSPU and a very painful attempt at a handstand without the wall. I think that I executed a pretty good slap out as I landed on my back though.

jswobe said...


Subbed box jumps for the stairs (obviously NOT at Arvin).


@Aloha Matt: I'm with you. This was rough. I have been working on "proper" box jump technique (fully extending the hips on top), and it's considerably slower than my previous sloppy jack rabbit form.

I would have rather ran the stairs. Good WOD, though...

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Adam said...

24:51 - I sub'ed 40 x air squats in lieu of Stairway to Heaven (nursing a sore foot) and all HSPU were as rx'd, but broken into sets.

HSPU crushed me timewise, but I got them all done without assistance.

Adam said...

I bet these dudes can do muscle-ups and more.

Gives you a real appreciation for strength, flexibility, and muscle control.

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Joe said...

I live in Oregon so I'm not sure how tough that stairway is but thee 30, 24" box jumps were a real smoker. Great wod!!

JC said...


Did this one 2/03/11 after the clean and jerk work.

I'm not sure if I'd call that the stairway to heaven....

Dan said...

In one word, scaled.

Scaled Box Jumps from 24" to 20"
KBS as Rx'd
Did the first set of HSPU with bands and then scaled to regular pushups.