Wednesday, 2/23/11

Please bring your jump rope, or your $5 to buy one!

Air Squats
Double Unders
*Run one gym loop (400 m) after each round (total of five gym loops)

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JWM said...


Used the Abmat for sit-ups but went feet unanchored.

Every time we do more than 4 gym loops there is something inside me that causes my heart to shrink to the size of a pea. I think we refer to it as pity in the English language!

Great crew out there this morning. Awesome to see so many people getting after it.

Thanks to Tex and SG for giving me somebody to chase after on all the gym loops.

Adam said...

25:30 with 500m row sub'ed for Gym Loops.

All DU's were unbroken and sit-ups were APFT standard with feet anchored, but the row continues to be a huge goat that drags me down.

njc said...

ah... did 50, 40, 30, and then had to jet.


gotta get DUs down so i don't have to take twice as long on Single Unders. Thanks for the jump rope!

Tex said...

18:52 as rx'd
I still can't manage to get all the DUs unbroken. Thanks for the chase SG.

Pauly D said...

Like my hair, this wod was wicked good.

Matt said...


21:42 as Rx'd

Kingsley said...

22:53 with 500m row sub and Abmat for sit-ups with feet unanchored.

Absolutely pitiful display of DUs today.

Chris M said...

28:45 subbed 4:1 singles for DUs

jswobe said...


I subbed 900m on the bike for the 400m run (sore ankle).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

sdc said...

22:45 as Rx'd

SG said...

18:53 with feet anchored

ErinM said...

Last gym loop was a desperate sprint back to my barracks.
Not all DUs were completed, but each was tried in every set.

amanda said...

Scaled to 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and it was still hard. Took me 25:52

Sodak said...


I did the first 50 DU then did 4:1 sub... still feeling yesterday's wo. another good one.

2001 A-Man said...

Did 100 Burpee Pullups - 17:02.

Thanks for the push, Sam!

Joe said...

4:1 su

Dan said...

27:47 as rx'd.

First 3 rounds, I couldn't string together DUs very well. The THS on the sit-ups and run didn't help my time either.