Friday, 02/04/11

CrossFit Friday!

I know the suspense is killing you.  What is it going to be???  For Friday's fun we are going to do a new take on an old (and painful) favorite.  Come tomorrow morning to join us for...

"Filthier Fifty"
50 20ft sprints (baseline to free-throwline) [2nd floor gym]
50 pull-ups ['62 room]
50 kettle-bell swings (53/35) ['62 room]
50 Push-press (75/45) ['62 room]
50 air-squats [2nd floor east/west hall]
50 sit-ups [2nd floor east/west hall]
50 wall-ball-shots (20/12) [2nd floor east/west hall]
50 steps walking lunge [2nd floor gym]
50 burpees [2nd floor gym]
50 double-unders (sub 4:1 single-unders or tuck jumps) [2nd floor gym]

If you are trying to get a Black & Gold CrossFit shirt, tomorrow morning would be a great time to birng your $22 and pick one up!

Stay tuned over the weekend.  Looks like we will be posting a Superbowl WOD so you can get your WOD on while you watch the big game sunday night.  Then you can sleep in a little extra on Monday morning.


jswobe said...

Oh, c'mon! Is the WOD "to be posted," or are the off-siters SOL??

Hook us up! (even if it's after the morning session...)

SG said...


Push press & burpees were horrible, but great WOD to end the week. GO STEELERS!

JWM said...


Push press destroyed me and I suffered from a severe case of THS after that! Good WOD and now I need some rest!

Adam said...

I'm still resting my foot, but I'm sad I missed such an awesome WOD. Great work everybody!

I did 4 rounds for time:
8 x OHS (75 lbs)
8 x pull-ups
8 x bench press (185 lbs)
8 x Knees to elbows


Kings said...

This looks like fun. I have always been a fan of the "Filthy 50".

I will have to get it a little later in the day.

Mac said...


This was pretty fun, but definitely a chipper, so don't expect to blast through it without pause.

One "soap box" item, and I know I haven't been to CF Friday's for a little while with all of my travels, but... take an active role in your own fitness and in the group.

What I'm talking about is not showing up and just standing around while the stations are set up, or waiting to be told to warm up. The "standard" warmup does more than just loosen you up, it actually primes your muscles which results in better lifts and faster times. And the stations need to be set up (AND CLEANED UP) for the whole group. There are no students and instructors in the morning, but a group getting together to work together and improve.

So, there's my piece for today. Be active, not passive, and change the experience from the daily slog into something more enjoyable.


Matt said...


I did the regular "Filthy Fifty" today.


Tex said...


jswobe, the late post was my fault. I didn't get the WOD in until 2100 or so.

ErinM said...

27:15, but severely modified to avoid elbow use:
pull-ups became one-arm and assisted, kb swings one arm and 26 lb, push press became back squat, wall-ball became box jumps, burpees became broadjumps. But I did get all 50 double unders!

jswobe said...


Good WOD. Keep up the good work, B&G. We appreciate the time and the diligence!

@Tex -- don't sweat the late post. I was just afraid the WOD was going to be a surprise for the morning crew at Arvin...and then never get posted. The horror of it all!!

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Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Joe said...

I just did the filthy fifty 29:31 with single unders