Sunday, 02/06/11

In an effort to support viewing of the Superbowl and sleep we are NOT going to have a 0530 crew on Monday morning and we will not be posting a WOD for Monday.  Instead, we are posting a Superbowl WOD that you can do while you watch the big game.

Step 1:
Pick your team.  It doesn't matter who your favorite team is, just pick your team for the game.  Once you pic your team, you have to stick with them for the entire game.

Step 2:
Do the following exercises at the following times...
Every time your team scores a touchdown: 50 air squats
Every time your team scores a field goal: 20 push-ups

Every time the other team scores a touchdown: 25 burpees
Every time the other team scores a field goal: 15 tuck jumps

At the end of each quarter: 20 chair dips
At halftime: Tabata squats followed by tabata sit-ups
At the end of the game: Sleep

Every time your team get a penalty: complain
Every time the other team gets a penalty: cheer
Every time you crack open a beer or soda: 20 sit-ups

Post results to comments and enjoy Monday morning off...


ErinM said...

So I'm not a Superbowl fan - but I fit in my own Tabata fun anyway.

Tabata sets of the following:
- treadmill run - 15% incline, pace unknown (according to that treadmill - 7, which did not mean 7:00 mile)
- double unders - a miserable 2 (7-6-6-2-4-4-3-3)
- sit-ups: 14
- squats: 15
- treadmill run again

Then, 25 min run/trail (and shin) breaking by Flirtie Walk and the hill beyond it.

JWM said...

Not a bad workout. The game was higher scoring than predicted so those burpees started to add up.

Hope you all enjoys sleeping in a bit tomorrow and I will see you on Tuesday.