Friday, 02/11/11

CrossFit Friday

We will gather people in the '62 room and then hurry up to Hayes Gym to get started.

"Tex Tax"
Run 400 meters (gym loop from 2nd floor to 4th floor)
50 pull-ups
- every time you come off the bar, run to touch the IOCT ropes and back
100 push-ups
- every time you come out of the push-up position, run touch the IOCT ropes and back
Run 400 meters (gym loop from 2nd floor to 4th floor)

After you finish the second 400 meter run, perform 4 burpees for every time you came off the bar or out of the push-up position.

Post time to comments.

3, 2, 1 . . . time to have fun!


JC said...

Somewhere between 16:30 and 17:00. I failed to bring my watch with me this morning. Fortunately, Jake was able to provide me a reasonable time estimate.

My game plan didn't survive first contact. I ended up taking a couple more breaks than I planned. In turn, I paid my penance in burpees at the end.

Adam said...

I sub'ed 500m row for the gym loops and air squats for the sprints to the ropes.


I didn't have time to pay my tax at the end (ran out of time), so I owe back taxes on some burpees.

njc said...


Great way to end the week

JWM said...


My ROM on the push-ups was a bit limited because I have some shoulder pain I am dealing with so time probably would have been slower with better push-up form. The burpee tax is a butt-kicker at the end!

Have a great weekend everybody.

My challenge to the G4 crew is to bring a buddy outside of your company at least once next week!

ErinM said...

Wish I could have joined - I got to see it all from the Hayes track.
200ish (1.5 Hayes laps) - 45 sec
400 (3 laps) - 95 sec
600 - 2:32
800 - 3:30
600 - 2:33
400 - 95 sec
200 - 45 sec
Rest between each run the amount of time it took to run it.

Matt said...


My workout partner and I are starting our own "Heavy" CrossFit Fridays since we don't have Hayes Gym here.

5 Rounds:
3 Backsquats (215)
10 Overhead Walking Lunges (45 plate)
15 Burpees


Chris M said...

15:31 (without the burpees)

SG said...

20:42 as rx'd

Came off the bar six times and broke the push up position six times for 48 burpees.

2001 A-Man said...

OUCH! 25:04....just happy to say I completed it.

Joe said...

17:09 with a side of THS

Dan said...

19:46 with burpees (used blue band for pull-ups)