Thursday, 02/10/11

"Dead Man Jumping"
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlift (225,135)
Box jumps (24/20)
This should be a spring workout so focus on keeping good technique and moving through the reps as quickly as possible.

When complete with the WOD, spend some time doing technique work on the snatch or focusing on one of your goats.

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JC said...

4:46 @ 185lbs

I considered doing the WOD as rx'd, but dropped to 185 to keep my power output and intensity up. I'll keep working towards the 225 DL standard.

JWM said...

4:16 as Rx'd

Really small crew this morning so I hope people are just saving their energy for a big CrossFit Friday tomorrow.

JC, good call. This one was meant to be a sprint so if the higher weight is causing too much rest between reps your power output suffers.

At the same time . . . if any of you are pushing through unbroken and all sets and not feeling like you are getting a good workout, you can scale up.

Sodak said...

5:04 as rx'd
Id rather get up and wo in the morning a million times over than share the gym around 1600. I am not very good at sharing sometimes...
Good small crew today. See you all tomorrow.

SG said...
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SG said...

6:26 @ 185 lbs

Still hesitant to bump up the weight and intensity on DL.

Kings said...

5:07 w/ alteration.

Did 24" box steps with an olympic bar instead of box jumps.

Matt said...


4:35 as Rx'd

Bench press lifetime PR 265 at a BW of less than 185.

ErinM said...

Back squats (65lb) instead of DLs.

Then: jump up SWTH w/ one leg alternating, 4th floor suicide, jump SWTH skipping one step, suicide, skipping two steps, suicide. 10:36.

Joe said...

6:24 as Rx'd. Felt like a sprint to me Jake. Way to go all you fellas with sub 5's, you crushed it!!