Friday, 02/17/11

CrossFit Friday

For time:
4 Rounds of:
2 Supe’s Loops (1000m run)
15 Pull ups
15 Thrusters 95/75#

If you’re Passionate – Tack on...
4 Rope Climbs 20ft
20 Modified Burpees*

* From a standing position roll on to back with hands facing body “high fiving Jesus”
Pull your legs forward and tuck with your back muscles that will bring you forward into a push up position
Complete 1 Pushup, bring feet under body and jump 1ft off the ground.

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Kingsley said...

26:01 with 1000M row instead of the run minus the additional rope climbs and modified burpees.

The pull to pull combo from row to pull-ups added an extra dimension of pain to the workout.

Anonymous said...

27:37, as Rx'd. That was fairly brutal, but it was nice to get outside of the rediculously warm gym for brief periods.

SG said...

25:58 with 65 lb thrusters. Good to have another large group in there this week.

jswobe said...

Ugh. I had nothing today. It's a long story and it includes a bunch of whining and crying.

Scaled the entire workout for time & my THS:

3 rounds
75 lb thrusters


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

Since I missed the WOD yesterday and this morning, I decided to combine the best elements of both:
10-9-8-...3-2-1 of

Burpee pull ups
Medicine ball cleans (20#)
Thrusters (75#)

33:17 (weak sauce!)

I nearly puked less than half way through, so I had to slow it down and take several water breaks. Not sure if it was THS or indigestion, but it wasn't fun!

Cadet PE class in '62 room, so I considered going to the Cadet Globo Gym (3rd floor weight room), but I walked in, saw a lot of flexed biceps in the mirror and had to leave.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

31:39 as RX hope everyone else earned their weekend!!

Dan said...


Pullups with blue band
Thrusters as rx'd

Joe said...

Knob Creek post wod recovery drink as Rx'd

JWM said...

28:59 as Rx'd

Finally made it up on Monday. Rough way to start a new week!

JC said...

Late w/ the post, but better late than never.

27:57 @ 75 and 65 lbs. for thrusters.

That was a grinder of a WOD.