Thursday, 02/17/11

For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep sets of
Medicine ball cleans (20/14)
Box jumps (24/20)

Just to be clear, you will do 10 burpees, then 10 medicine ball cleans, then 10 box jumps and then start the rotation over again with 9 reps.

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CPR said...


This one took me by suprise, but I guess anytime burpees and a "10 min" workout are involved, that should be a sign.

JV said...

10:06, shout out to Ben Clemente for hanging tough out there

JWM said...


No going to lie...I underestimated that one as well. The jumps after the deep squat for the MBC was bad in a good way!

Great efforts out there this morning and thanks to everybody for getting in and helping get the WOD all set up.

Good to see some coaching out there with the med-ball cleans and we will program them in again soon so we cna conitue to work the complex movement that set us up for success on the oly lifts.

jck said...


I agree with CPR...burpees in a short, or long, amount of time can never be considered easy.

ErinM said...


Double unders for burpees (probably the first time I get to say I subbed DUs for anything)

Pauly D said...


Kingsley said...

9:17 with 24" box steps instead of jumps.

I am not sure that steps made it any easier.

Matt said...


9:12 as Rx'd

Box jumps definitely slowed me down.

Joe said...

10:08 box jumps after med ball bueno

Mac said...

Good smoker, coming back from several trips, so hopefully this is the start of getting back on track.

Dan said...

13:33 scaled to 20-inch box

jswobe said...

Did this late in the day...forgot to post.


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