Tuesday, 02/15/11

For time:
25 knees to elbows
Run 1/2 mile
50 air squats
Run 1/2 mile
25 knees to elbows

Post time to comments.

This is a great video to help you string together your knees-to-elbows:


JWM said...

9:28 as Rx'd with gym loops

Can't wait for the warmer weather to start running outside more!

Adam said...

13:13 with 1km row sub'ed for the 1/2 mile run. Thanks to JWM for rowing coaching after the WOD, rowing is a big goat for me.

Chris M said...

KTEs were pretty sad though.

njc said...


Gotta work on that grip strength so I don't have to break up my sets so much!

Nick B said...

1113 - good WOD- gym loops just get in my head- keep em coming

did 400m intervals x 5 increasing speed each one at .5 grade.


Pauly D said...

11:34...Pauly winded = Arvin lung

You guys share with me and now I want to share with you. Spring break is right around the corner...you should be rockin a blow out.


ErinM said...


Subbed Tuck-ups (no hands) for KTE (I know they are not equivalent, but it was the best I could think of).

bowmansr said...

From Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan; 13:15 to complete. Major Silas Bowman

Kingsley said...

10:39 with 1000m Row instead of 0.5 mile run.

I was able to do the kipping KTEs for the first set and flew right through them. Not as efficient fot the last set.

Matt said...


10:09 as Rx'd.

jswobe said...


Good K2E video...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Katie said...
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JC said...


KTEs are a big goat for me. I'll have to work them into my warm-up every now and then.

Joe said...

10:59. Run felt really good tonight
O.G. 12:35

Dan said...

11:50 (scaled KTE to hanging leg raises)

KTE and I are not on speaking terms.