Monday, 02/21/11

Happy President's Day!

Many of your are on the road for the holiday and have limited access to the gym.  As a result, the WOD is flexible...

Run or row 5k for time

Post activity and time to comments


ErinM said...

Does anyone want to meet at Arvin tomorrow to head out as a group to run to Lee gate and back? 0930ish?

JWM said...

Finally made up the WOD from Friday (I hate getting off track because it sucks to make it all up).

28:59 as Rx'd

Thrusters continue to bring me to my knees!

ErinM said...

Lee gate 5k: 21:46
Second half was about 45 seconds faster than the first.

JWM said...

Did my 5k row this evening.

19:23 which is 10 seconds off of my PR from last May. I am smoked going into the week!

Tex said...

Did deadlift work:

Matt said...


3 RFT:
5 x OHS (95lbs)
10 x Deadlift (225lbs)
15 X GHD Sit-up


Followed by heavy box-squats

Later in the afternoon, AMRAP 60 min in an ocean kayak with my two sons. Hawaii is a great place. I'm going to miss it. I report 15 June.

JC said...

Spent President's day in the car. Made up this WOD after the 2/22/11 WOD.

5k Run - 22:57

Dan said...

5k - 24:55