Monday 11/24/08


For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

1 1/2 Body weight dead lift
Body weight bench press
3/4 Body weight clean

Post time to comments.


Chris said...

My all-time favorite workout, but I have a Monday morning CoC meeting with my TAC.
Anyone out there want to do it at 1515? If so, shoot me an email at x91215.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

3 bars of death got me again. This is one of my favorites but it hurts me everytime.

My BW is 172. So,


Time: 37:40.

Not what I was looking for but still better than the last time I did it as Rx'd.

Max said...

There is a reason this isn't called "Three bars of fun."

Did power cleans instead of squat cleans.


DL=255 (Time killer)

I was a bit suprised at how well I executed the PCLNs.

Time 48:49 (PR)

Mac said...

As Px'd for 10-9-8-7, but had to drop 20 lbs off of the DL and clean for 6-5-4-3-2-1.


Time= 29:10

A rough way to start the week...

SB said...

I had to scale DL and Clean.

Started out heavy and then had to start scaling about 7. Wanted to maintain some level of power. My ending scaled wgts were:
DL: 135
Bench: Rx'd (170)

time: 41:17

RW said...

My goal today was to slow down on the DL and keep good form throughout. Still 20 pounds off prescribed DL weight.

My BW = 190

DL = 265 (20 lbs light)
Bench = 190
Clean = 145 (did power cleans)

Time = 45:35

tex said...

Had to do this one in hometown YMCA so there were limited Olympic Bars available. Weight changes killed me and I ran out of time.

10,9,8,7,6,5 as RX'd

DL - 235
Bench - 155
Cleans - 120

Time: 39:17

PTisFREE said...

265 DL
175 BP
135 Clean
Time: 45:10
I lost my grip early in the workout which hurt my time. I just kept working the weight.

This is one of my favorites too.

Demet-hook said...

I had CCQ this morning so I did it this afternoon...

Bodyweight is 170lbs

Dead Lift: Scaled to 185, my grip is at fault.

Bench: 170lbs

Cleans: 130lbs

Someone else recorded my time. They told me 20 minutes, compared to everyone elses I'm pretty sure thats wrong. But either way Linda got me...

Chris said...

Did it today, a day later... but
Clean: 135
Bench: 185

Time: 26:09