Monday 11/10/08

Nasty Girls

3 rounds for time of:

50 x Squats
7 x Muscle ups
10 x 135lb Hang power cleans

Bring rings if you have them.

If you cannot do muscle ups, lower the rings down so that you can start them from the kneeling position and use your legs to assist. Use only as much assistance as you need to get through the transition. I'll demo in the morning if there are questions.

If their are questions as to how this workout got its name see below.

In this video is Nicole, Eva T., and Annie. If you can do this workout as well as them then you too can be considered "nasty."

Post time to comments.


polarbear2009 said...

Finished in about 20, had to substitue pull downs and dips for the muscle ups but was smoked. It was for sure a greay way to wake up after the weekend, look forward to being there more often

Demet-hook said...

10:50 as RX'd...muscle-ups need alot of work, but it was my first time doing them. I used the kneeling position to help me out a little bit...The Nasty Girls put me to shame...

SB said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

11:53...Still working on the muscle ups. Did the first set as close to Rx'd as I can. Still can't get a dead hang MU.

Muscle ups are an exercise that are as much technique as strength. Working the transition is the key. You do yourself no favors by jumping into the MU because it will not work the close to chest transition that a MU requires.

Either way...good workout.

Kingsley said...


Unfortunately, MU's were not the pretty part of this workout. I am one of the ones that did themselves no favors by jumping into the MU. Need a lot of work.

PTisFREE said...