Wednesday 11/19/08

Jackie with a Cherry on Top

For time.

1000m row
50 x 45lb thruster
30 x pull ups

Full 5 min rest then,

21-15-9 reps of:

95lb overhead squats

Rest time does not count but once 5 minutes is up your time starts for the second event. Score is total time for the two workouts. It does not matter which workout you do first. Don't bring bars down to the rowers, the stairs are fair for everyone. Don't forget to have a towel with you on the rowers or you risk getting kicked out.

Post time to comments.


tex said...


Thanks for the overhead squat tips black and gold crossfit.

I still think that the first set was deceiving.

Chris said...

9:12 (Row/thrusters/PU)
8:00 (OHS, Burpees)
Total 22:12

SB said...

(scaled OHS)
killer wod

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

9:38 Jackie
7:12 Cherry
16:50 total.

Great workout this morning. We may see more of these types of workouts in the future. It allows for some recovery but then another all out effort. Very combat like.

Mac said...

19:45. Still poor form on the o/h squats, so really enjoyed that extra "cherry on top".

Kingsley said...

9:13 -> Jackie
5:00 -> Rest
5:42 -> Cherry

I thoroughly enjoy workouts that combine row, thrusters, and OHS.

PTisFREE said...

Scaled OHS (1st time doing 'em)
Still a good smoker.

RW said...

8:44 Jackie
5:00 rest
8:15 cherry
Total 21:59

Great Workout!

Max said...

Karen = 10:56
cherry = 15:07

Total = 26:03

The cherry popped me.

upty03 said...

8:59 Jackie
9:55 Cherry

18:54 Total

Demet-hook said...

Instead of this I did the Frog-a-thon. This mini-Sandhurst thing hosted by F4. It was 5 mile course and I got a really good workout. I'm going to try and do the Karen+Cherry on Sunday