Wednesday 11/26/08

Last chance before Thanksgiving to get your sweat on!

Filthy Fifty

For time.

50 x Box Jump, 24" box
50 x Jumping Pullups
50 x 35lb Dumbbell Swing
50 x Walking Lunge (each step = 1 rep)
50 x Knees to Elbows
50 x 45lb Push Press
50 x Good Mornings w/45lb bar
50 x Wall Ball, 20lb ball
50 x Burpees
50 x Double Unders

Post time to comments. Safe travels.


Go Cubs said...

Does anybody have any good substitutions for the wall ball?

SB said...

burpees and the knees to elbows did me in.


RW said...

Subbed 45lbs "good mornings" for back extension

Max said...


Using the dynamax balls for the WBs was destuctive.

For the wall ball subs, we talked about it yesterday, use 35# plate thrusters.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

upty03 said... I can binge on turkey and stuffing

Chris said...


Had to sub KB thrusters (25lb each hand) for Wall ball

Feeling pretty beat from making up Linda yesterday.

Major Bault, I'll second that: Three in a row happens tomorrow.

PTisFREE said...

Lost time on knees to elbows because my grip was still gone from monday.

Good workout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

23:15...double unders got me in the end. Loved this workout. Going to get under 20 minutes next time, I can feel it.

Happy Thanksgiving!