Thursday 11/27/08

For time:

3 rounds of:

800m run
400m backwards run
50 squats

Post time and things you are thankful for to comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Max said...

Thinking about modifying this to incorporate med-ball cleans....

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:20 as Rx'd.

Max--Do what you need to. Tried to keep it simple so that those who are at home and have limited resources can do the workout without any excuses.

I'm thankful to be with family this year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris said...

The altitude here in Colorado whipped me.
I'm thankful for family
And Tony Romo... Go Cowboys!

Max said...

Changed it up a little bit to have some fun with the new dynamax ball.

This one is fun, we could easily do this one on the track in Hayes one morning with our new med balls.

For time:
Run 400
50 x DU
5 x MB CLN

Run 400
40 x DU
10 x MB CLN

Run 400
30 x DU
15 x MB CLN

Run 400
20 x DU
20 x MB CLN

Run 400
10 x DU
25 x MB CLN


I'm thankful for our new baby.

SB said...

24:22...backwards 400m run brought to bear a new stimulus on me. I love it. Dec calendar in the making as we speak.
I am thankful for my family and those getting after it right now on the "frontier of freedom"

Mac said...

20:38. Still fueled by turkey power, and thankful for freedom and those who protect it for the rest.