Saturday 11/15/08

Rest Day.

If you missed a workout this week here is your make-up workout.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 x 95lb Thruster
7 x 95lb Hang power cleans
10 x 95lb Sumo dead lift high pull

Post number of rounds to comments and vow to not skip days.

Remember, combat will punish the person that specializes.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Tougher than I though

scaled 85 lbs

8 rounds in 20 mins
Did two more 8:52

I vow to never miss another workout again

tex said...

as RX'd 9 rounds

Mac said...

8 rds + 5 thrusters. Again the thing holding me back from more reps is forearm strength.

upty03 said...

7 as RX'ed.

Max said...

as RX'd, 8 rounds

This one is great METACON