Wednesday 11/12/08


21-15-9 reps of:

225 lb Dead lift
Hand stand push ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to: 08/25/08

As we do more and more workouts we will be able to look back and compare results from previous workouts. This only works though if you post in the comments.

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SB said...

21:14...horrible on DL even with it scaled to 185. Need much work.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

5:34(PR) Pretty excited to see the gains on this one. At this point it is just a huge gut check everytime I do it. Next goal is sub 5 minutes. Going to have to get better at the transitions and doing straight DL sets.

Good work out.

Chris said...

12:27. My hspu's suck and need a lot of work.

Demet-hook said...

9:20...My grip was weak today

Max said...


Here is a hint on the HSPUs

Upty - this is for you!

Most folks like to arch their back and look at the ground, even spread their legs for stability.

This is poor form.

Try to replicate your body position you use with the shoulder press form with your HSPU.

Keep your hands just a bit wider than shoulder width with your fingers spread out wide.

You want to try and keep your body in a "hollow" position. Keep your body tight from your finger tips to your toes.

Look at some thing out - not at the ground.

Then replicate the movement you use in your SP. This is helpful in building your core strength and it has direct transference to your SP.

Try it over the next couple days in your warm up to get the form down. They get easier.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Does anyone know any good tips for doing hspu? Also is there any thing I can sub it with in the mean time?

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

The best way to do HSPUs is to just do them. Get someone to spot you. Kick up against the wall or get someone to help you. If you can't do one then work on doing a negative.

Also to incline push ups. Keep increasing your incline to work more shoulders than chest.

Lastly, if all else fails, shoulder presses. Do not bounce, go from the rack position up, keep your knees rigid and your core tight.

We started including them in the warm up last year. Doing 10-15 every day really helps you build that strength quickly.

This is also one where I would tell you to work on getting full range of motion but also get comfortable in the HS position. If you can only go down a few what you can and continue to try and get more range every day. Eventually, you will be touching your head to the ground and knocking them out. It just takes work and time.

Go Cubs said...

15:06, really need work on HSPU's

upty03 said...

6:14...15 seconds slower than August.

Mac said...

6:03. Good time, but some HS pushups could have been lower. Something to work on.

crusadergr said...

This is my first workout. I didn't finish the whole thing, but I'll be getting better.

PTisFREE said...


Kingsley said...

7:32. HSPU's slowed me down more than usual.