CrossFit Friday 11/14/08

0530 2nd Floor Basketball courts.

Workout courtesy of CDT Ben Franklin...Go Barbarians!!

For Time:

2nd Floor Gym
1 x suicide
Wheelbarrow to one end of gym
40 x elevated push ups
Wheelbarrow back
Switch with partner and repeat
1 x suicide
3/4 APFT max push ups
1 x suicide
1/2 APFT max push ups

Hayes Gym
50 x pull ups with partner, resting partner does the Dancing Russian
Rope climb to track
1 lap walking lunges
1 x suicide rope climb (touch three red marks and only tap foot on the ground, resting partner does tuck jumps
50 x air squats

3rd Floor Weight Room
With 15-25% Body weight Dumbbell/Plate complete the following:
10 x one arm thrusters, switch arms and repeat
20 x swings
20 x press (45 degrees from body)
50 x air squats (no weight)
10 x one arm thrusters, switch arms and repeat
20 x swings
20 x press
50 x leg lifts

Gut Check for Extra Credit
50 x pull ups between partners, resting partner does Iron Abs

Post total time to comments. Include whether you did the gut check or not.

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your site and using many of the WODs. Great stuff you all have developed. I am always looking for new stuff to incorporate into my WODs. What is a Dancing Russian? Thanks.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

37:40 total time today. That was a good smoker.

Glenn--Dancing Russians were new to me too. I always called them Love Mes. Go into a sitting position, lift your feet about and inch or two off the floor, cross your hands over your chest and touch your elbow to the opposite knee.

Good week this week. Well deserved rest. For those of you going to the cert in Montclair this weekend, enjoy and take notes.

Joe said...

48 min

that was killer. but having the exta time with stay backs was great. Did not to Gut check.

Mac said...

39 min, and did the extra credit on my own. This felt more like an old fashioned smoke session than a typical WOD, but getting the cadets involved outweighs any critical comments. Good time.

Max said...

Yeah, this was a fun one. Definately a smoker. Didn't start my watch, but it took me around 40-45 mins.

tex said...

38 min
I hurt....

tex said...

I did the gut check with my partner

Demet-hook said...

My time was somewhere around 40 minutes...almost puked after this one

Chris said...

Forgot to start my watch, probably around 40 minutes though.

I got a sweet new slosh pipe ( ) in the third reg weight room that anyone is welcome to use, along with the KB's.

Go Cubs said...

I just want to let everyone know that I witnessed MAJ Blackmon (black and gold crossfit) do a 5:09 Fran this afternoon, and yes this is the same day as this morning's Crossfit Friday workout, Black and Gold crossfit=all that is man

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Thanks Wes, but I still have a way to go. We'll talk when I can get into the 3 minute range. Hope the cert went well.