Friday 11/28/08

Get up and workout to work off those slices of pie!!!

For Time.

5 rounds of:

15 x Burpees
15 x Pull ups
15 x Hand stand pushups

Post time to comments.

Remember send pictures to me here.

MAJ Mayo and his family enjoying the post Turkeyday WOD. I-Beam pullups look like fun!


NM said...

17:51...hand-stand push-ups killed me...Enjoyed working out this AM with Anna, Shae (my sister-in-law), and JT.

Grateful for family this year, especially our four kids.

MAJ Neal Mayo

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

16:27 Felt stong on the pull ups but I too had a hard time with the handstand push ups starting at 3rd round. Great workout though.

Go Cubs said...

If anybody questions whether or not you can keep up your cardio doing crossfit, I ran in a 4 mile race yesterday in 27:40. I haven't ran 4 miles in about 6 months and i've only run 3 about 5 times. During the summer, I ran the same course except this time they just added a mile to the end, and last time i ran the 3 mile in 23 mins. Crossfit definitely helps all aspects of fitness

Max said...


Definately needed after yesterday. Pull-ups seemed like rest, and as usual, burpees destroyed me. HSPUs were about as fun as the burpees.

Go Cubs said...

26:20, HSPU's are death to me, i cringe every time i see them on a WOD

Mac said...

20:20. Went to 20x regular dips for the last two sets of HSPUs...was at risk of doing a faceplant. Great workout.