Monday, 28 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - congratulations to the Cows on celebrating 500th Night!  That means only 357 days of WODs until graduation!  (= 500 x 5/7).  I'm still waiting on photos, so send them in and I will post them!!  We will meet in Hayes Gym in the mats by the shelf for the WOD.

For all of those who are starting to suffer from the mid-winter loss of motivation, check out this video and hopefully it will get you fired up!  Remember in order to meet your goals (both personal and professional), it takes HARD WORK and TENACITY!  The question always becomes, how badly do you want it?!?

Equipment required - bring a will get sweaty!

Warm-up and instruction - we will practice wall climbs and handstand push-ups, discuss a few scaling options, and then get after it!!


It looks simple enough, but trust me, it will be challenging! Choose wisely!

Advanced = 30 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Intermediate = 15 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Beginner = 20 minutes practice of handstands - see how long you can hold a supported handstand for each iteration.

Every time you take a rest break, knock out 5 x CHIN-UPS (palms facing you)

Compare to similar WOD (with different penalties): 22 JUNE 2012

NOTE:  If not familiar with wall climbs - you start with your chest flat on the ground, with feet touching the wall behind you.  Use your arms and legs to move your body until you are completely inverted into a supported handstand position against the wall.  Walk your hands out and back to the starting position.

Post time and number of breaks to comments.


Jeff said...

I did the HSPU during the Wall Climb.

5:5 5 Chins
5:5 5 Chins
5:5 5 Chins
5:5 5 Chins (2 scaled)
5:5 5 Chins (3 scaled)
5:5 (3 scaled)

Total time: 14:15

Nate said...

30 (10 off the wall, 20 off the box). 30 chin ups. 14:36.

That was a good one. Definitely harder than I thought it would be. Great start to the week!

Mickey said...

30 wall climbs and then 30 HSPU.


40 or 45 chinups. I wasn't exactly sure.

My watch also didn't stop or restarted so i'm not exactly sure about the time.

1240-13ish I believe

Adam said...

nice work by everyone on a tough one!

14:26 as rx'd with WC and HSPU combos. I'm not sure how many chin-ups I did, but it was a lot!

:30 better than June, I'll call it a win!

Caleb McDaniel said...

Did the 20 ad Rx. Time was 10:21.

R.K. Barker said...

Went for 30. Ended up having to scale them around 10, and then went back to the wall after 20, at 26 though I failed on a wall climb and scaled again, my form had deteriorated too much. I ended up doing 30 chin ups. That was tough, but definitely awesome. I ended somewhere in the 14th minute.

jswobe said...

20 wall climbs & HSPU in 14:50

I did 3 ring pull-ups per break as penalty (like the last time). Total of 15 ring pull-ups (roughly).