Tuesday, 8 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - We will meet in the '62 room...drink water!!

Equipment required - Medicine ball per person of appropriate weight and a towel.

Warm-up and instruction - we will split the group in half - Adam will take half on a gym loop and Matt will demo wall ball shots and then give everyone a chance to practice, then switch groups.

WOD - we will start at 0550.

21-15-9 reps of:
Wall ball shots (20/14 lbs.)
Weighted sit-ups (20/14 lbs.)
Run 2 x gym loops (approx. 800 meters)

NOTE:  You will do 21 x wall ball shots (WBS), 21 x weighted sit-ups, and then run 2 gym loops.  When you return, you then do 15 x WBS, 15 x sit-ups, and then run 2 gym loops.  Finish off with 9, 9, and 2 gym loops.

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

13:55 as rx'd.

It was great to another big group this morning!! Best of luck to everyone on Day 1, Lesson 1!

Nate said...

14:02 as rx'd.
Great WOD, and a great crowd!

Matt said...


Great group this morning. I hope you can all keep it up.

As Rx'd: 13:39

Mickey said...

14:42 rx'd.

that one sucked

Caleb McDaniel said...

As Rx'd: 13:43

jck said...


ErinM said...

13:06ish as rx'd (14 lb ball)

Great way to start off day 1!

Jeff said...

15:07 as RX'd