Friday, 18 JANUARY 2013

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and brief the WOD.

Equipment required:  Hang 4 sets of rings at the proper height for ring dips.

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will take half the group through ring dips (and scaling options) and Adam will take half the group through handstand holds (and scaling options).  After everyone has had a chance to practice we will switch.


Today's WOD is a bit different, so read carefully so we can minimize confusion.  It is a bit of a skill work day and a gymnastics day.  The intent is to build the capacity to support your own body weight in various positions.  Although there is not a time component for this WOD, you should minimize time between exercises and rounds.

Beginners (B) - Do the hold positions for 30 seconds, and no requirement to do follow-on max reps - work on building the capacity
Intermediate (I) - Hold positions for 15 seconds, then do max reps
Advanced (A) - Hold positions for 30 seconds, then do max reps

30/15 second handstand hold (A, I), then
   Max rep strict HSPU without coming off wall from handstand hold (A & I ONLY)
30/15 second static deadhang pullup position hold (down position) (A, I), then
   Max rep deadhang pullups without coming off bar from hold (A & I ONLY)
30/15 second hold at ring dip lockout (A, I)
   Max rep ring dips without coming off rings from lockout hold
(A & I ONLY)

Compare to: 10 FEB 2012

Post hold time and number of max reps per event to comments.


Mickey said...

HSPU: 1 (fell off wall),5,6,7,7
Pullups: 14,10,8,7,7
Dips: 6,2,4,3,2

First two rounds w/ 30s holds
Last three were 15s holds

Last three sets of RD & HSPU used a little kipping to get reps in

Adam said...

PU: 10,7,6,5,3 = 31 (+6 from last time)
RD: 10,8,4,3,2 = 27 (+14)
HSPU: 1,3,0,2,1 = 7 (-6)

as rx'd

I think the big difference was the order I did the events - last time I started with HSPU each round, this time I ended each round w/ HSPU. I also alternated between facing the wall and facing away for each round of HSPU.

R.K. Barker said...

I went intermediate on this one, with 15 second holds all around. Total score should be:44. I originally miscounted this morning.

Dips: 3,3,2,3,4
Pullups: 4,2,3,3,4
HSPU: 4,2,3,3,1 (fell off wall)

Nate said...

Sorry I couldn't make it this morning... surprise urinalysis. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Caleb McDaniel said...
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Matt said...


Just like last time, a smoker. I finished at least a 30 second hold on all rounds.

HSPU: 3,3,0,1,1
Pull-ups: 20,12,10,10,10
Ring dips: 10,5,3,0,0

Caleb McDaniel said...

15 second holds with a total of 55 reps. That was pretty bad.