Monday, 7 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - We will meet in the '62 room.  Depending on how crowded things are, we might head up to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

We only had TWO submissions for our photo it wasn't really a 'contest' but I still wanted to share the two photos I received.  A big CONGRATULATIONS to Caleb Cline for getting engaged over the break!  The handstand kiss after the engagement is a true sign of Caleb's love for his fiancee (and of CrossFit!!)

Sean also sent a picture in...looking tough and representing B&G over the break!

Equipment required - Motivation!!

Warm-up and instruction - we will split the group in half and spend a few minutes to work on each skill and then switch places.  Matt will discuss knees to elbows and give everyone a chance to practice.  Adam will discuss handstand holds and give everyone a chance to practice.  After 5 minutes we will switch places.

WOD - we will start at 0550.

30 second handstand hold (count to yourself; stop counting if you come off the wall)
12 x knees to elbows
24 x walking lunges (each step = 1 rep)
36 x mountain climbers (each time your knee touches your arm = 1 rep)

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


jck said...

Height and Weight tomorrow morning. Looks like a tough one

Jeff said...

5 Rounds complete at 15:08. Great WOD... my shoulders will feel this all day!

Mickey said...

6 rounds + 8 KTE

That sucked.

Also congrats to Caleb! Nice job man.

Sean - really creative picture.

R.K. Barker said...

That was tough, but fun. 7 rounds plus 3 Knees to Elbows.

Adam said...

it was great to see a big crew there this morning! Welcome to all our new folks!!

I can't remember how many rounds I did, I forgot to write it down, but it was either:
4 rounds + 5 mountain climbers or 5 rds + 5 MCs. Matt (and the WOD) smoked me!!!

ErinM said...

So it was either 6 rounds + 19 mountain climbers or 7 rounds + 19 mountain climbers.

Good stuff!

0530OldGrad said...

From an old 0530 crew member sitting bored in my Containerized Housing Unit and getting nostalgic… I want to encourage all new members to stick with it everyday for at least three weeks. After three weeks, not only will you start to notice results but become part of a unique group that you know you can trust. Though I may be biased, I feel like you can always start off trusting those who like to push their limits and compete for the sake of it (a fundamental assumption of a Crossfitter).
New Cindy PR: 20 rnds

Nate said...

I think it was 6 rounds + the 30 second handstand... I told myself I wasn't going to forget the number at the beginning of the WOD, and left asking myself what the final tally was. Either way, it was a great WOD.

Matt said...


I did either 5 or 6 full rounds plus 20 walking lunges. I forgot.

jswobe said...

6 1/2 rounds (handstand hold & K2E's)