Thursday, 31 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - we will meet in the '62 room

Equipment required - set-up 4 sets at rings at the appropriate height for push-ups (about 6 inches off the ground) & a dumbbell of appropriate weight.

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will take half the group through the dumbbell snatch and Adam will take the other half through knees to elbows.  Everyone will have a chance to practice each movement.


4 x 1 minute rounds for max reps of the following:
Ring push-ups (scale = hand release push-ups or standard push-ups)
Knees to elbows  (scale = hanging leg raises)
Dumbbell snatch (35/20 lbs; alternate hands; both arms = 1 rep complete)
Rest 1 minute and record your total for the round.

NOTE:  You can start at any exercise, but rotate in an orderly fashion, and everyone rests after the 3rd exercise is complete.
NOTE2:  The goal is to complete the max number of reps of the given exercise in 1 minute.  There is no time allotted for rotating between exercises, so in order to maximize your score, transition quickly to your next exercise when the 60 seconds is up.

3 x broad jump attempts for max distance.

NOTE:  Feet start approximately hip width apart.  Jump and land with BOTH feet at the same time.
NOTE2:  Have a partner help measure the distance you jump.  Measurements go from where the rearmost heel lands.

Post total number of reps complete per round and distances for your broad jumps to comments.


Nate said...

I made it to either 250 or 255.

I substituted knees to elbows for situps and leg raises after the first two rounds, so that made the number go up a little bit more. Everything except that part was as RX'd.

Adam said...

it was great to see a big crew there this morning!

I underestimated how tough this one would be!

56-40-39-39 (174 total) as rx'd with snatches counted as right arm + left arm = 1 rep.

Knees to elbows were humbling!

R.K. Barker said...

That was fun. My grip needs a lot of work, that was my limiting factor on knees to elbows, not to mentions my screaming abdominals. 63,54,56,49 (222). On the broad jumps I went (approximately) 111 inches, 108 inches, and 112 inches.

Adam said...

I forgot to mention the broad jump - I ended up at 6' 8.5" for my max which is 80.5" - RK you are a BEAST with a 112!!!

Mickey said...

This looked like a great one that i'll have to make up sometime.

I'm getting uncharacteristically sore this week so I took a day off to aid in recovery.

Orienteering practice this afternoon which will be some sort of running workout so I won't be doing nothing today.

Matt said...


As Rx'd: 213 and a 6'9.5" jump

Caleb McDaniel said...

Did it all Rx.
Round 1: 48
Round 2: 53
Round 3: 45
Round 4: 54
Total: 200
I got a 108 inches as my max for the broad jump.

ErinM said...

Pitiful ring dip push-up numbers...

30-31-34-33 = 128

Ring dip push-ups were supplemented with hand release push-ups (about 1/2 and 1/2)

Broad jump became a one-footed hop (ankle injury): 54 in, 58 in, 60 in

jswobe said...

Fun WOD.

I added an extra minute of box jumps to the rotation, just b/c we don't do any box jumps anymore. (I'm sure it has something to do w/ the 62 Room being taken over...)

Totals w/ & w/o box jumps:
49 & 63
43 & 61
39 & 55
38 & 50

I forgot the broad jump attempts. I will make them up tomorrow...