Tuesday, 22 JANUARY 2013

Announcements:  Welcome back from the long weekend!  I hope everyone had a nice day off yesterday!!  Today we will be doing a partner WOD, so find someone of near equal size and strength and get after it!  We will do both Part 1 and 2 of the WOD in the 62 room if there is enough room.  If it is tight on space, we will do Part 2 in Hayes Gym.

Equipment required: 1 x medicine ball per person.

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will demo the wall ball shot and Adam will discuss points of performance.  Everyone will have an opportunity to practice as they warm-up.  WOD starts NLT 0545 so we have time to finish!!


Part 1:

Partner Karen 
150 x wall ball shots (20/14 lbs. to 10' target)

NOTE:  each person will do 15 x wall ball shots and then rest as their partner does 15 WBS.  Continue to alternate until 150 are complete.
NOTE2:  Scale/modify as needed - if your partner needs to rotate out before 15, that is fine, but if capable, stick to 15 each.

Rest 2 minutes and then:

Part 2:  Partner pull-ups

Advanced: 100 x pull-ups for time 
Intermediate: 80 x pull-ups for time
Beginner: 60 x pull-ups for time

NOTE:  Each person will do 10 x pull-ups and then rest as their partner does 10.  Continue to alternate until 100 are complete.

Post partner's name and times for each WOD to comments.


Mickey said...

11:25 total.

Burner. My lungs are hurting right now.

Adam said...

Matt and I got after it.

5:28 for partner Karen

3:21 for 100 pull-ups (Matt did 2 rounds of chest to bar)

Fun times...arms are Jello!!

Welcome back from the weekend everyone!!

Caleb McDaniel said...

5:42 for Karen
5:34 for the pullups.

Nate said...

(11:25, partnered with Mickey... no idea what the individual parts were, though...)

ErinM said...

With Adrienne:

5:52 for partner Karen
5:18 for 100 pull-ups

jck said...

14:12 including rest time

80 pull ups

Props to my roomate for getting out of bed!

jswobe said...

so, I did a full Karen and 50 pull-ups for time (in sets of multiples of 10...so 10, 20 or 30 at a time)

What a disaster of a day.

Karen: 9:54 (wtf?!?)

Pull-ups: 3:20 (really??)