Wednesday, 23 JANUARY 2013

Announcements: We will meet in the 3rd floor weight room.  Please try to arrive on time so we can claim some space.  Today is a partner WOD, so pair up with a person of near equal size and strength!!

Equipment required:  Lifting platform with barbell and weight.

Warm-up and instruction:  When you arrive, start individual warm-up with the barbell.  Matt will take half the group and discuss the power clean and Adam will take the other half and discuss the front squat.  If things are super crowded and we are spaced out, then we will likely demo and coach both movements for the same groups.


Person A - Run 1.5 gym loops, 30 x pull-ups (in the '62 room), and then run .5 a gym loop back to the 3rd floor weight room. (2 gym loops total, with a break)
Person B - 30 x front squats (115/75 lbs.) - bar starts from the ground
**switch roles when both complete - partner that is done first, rests until partner is done
Person A - Run 1.5 gym loops, 30 x knees to elbows (in the '62 room), and then run .5 a gym loop back
Person B - 30 x power cleans (115/75 lbs.)
**switch roles when both complete - rest until partner completes, then switch

NOTE:  SCALE AS NEEDED!!  This one is going to be TOUGH!!!

In summary - each round each person will run 4 x gym loops, 30 x pull-ups, 30 x front squats, 30 x knees to elbows, and 30 x power cleans.

Post partner's name and number of rounds complete to comments.


Caleb McDaniel said...

Ive got the boxing Jab eval. tomorrow, so I will not be there. good luck on the WOD!

ErinM said...

Sandhurst practice tomorrow morning. Sounds like a fun one...

Adam said...

hey ya'll, I have a sore throat/cold, so I'm sitting today out in order to get a bit more rest. Sorry to miss this one Matt!!

Mickey said...

basically was hacking up a lung last night so I took the rest like MAJ Grim. Trying to recover so I wont be sick for 500th night weekend.

R.K. Barker said...

So, the weight room was so crowded we didn't have enough room to do thw WOD. So we went to the 62 room and used KB goblet squats and KB swings to substitute for the front squats and power cleans. We used the 53 pound ones and upped the reps to 60. Run a gym loop, pull ups/knees to elbows and then another gym loop. I only got through to the swings before I had to check out, but it was tough.

Matt said...


Jeff and I got after it. As RK said, we had to adjust on the fly. Jeff and I finished one full round plus 35 squats/one gym loop.

Adam said...

way to adapt and overcome everyone! I still feel like crap, so the odds of me making this up today are virtually zero. I'm hoping I will feel better for tomorrow morning!! The day just isn't right without some CrossFit!!

jswobe said...

Modified to:

Run 400m
30 x pull-ups
Run 400m
30 x front squats (95 lbs.) - bar starts from the ground
Run 400m
30 x knees to elbows
Run 400m
30 x power cleans (95 lbs.)

1 rd + pull-ups

That was rough...