Friday, 11 JANUARY 2012

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then move up to Hayes Gym for the WOD.  We will position groups of folks at each of the 4 corners to reduce crowding, if needed.

Equipment required:  Wrist watch & motivation!!

Warm-up and instruction:  Everyone will warm-up individually and we will move up to the track where everyone can jog a few laps to loosen up your legs.


4 rounds for time
Run 6 laps on the Hayes Track (approximately 800 meters)
Rest 2 minutes

Compare to 1/31/2011 & 1/13/2012

NOTE:  Time stops after you run the last set of 6 laps (i.e. don't factor in the last 2 minutes of rest into your time).

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

did a running workout on wednesday when i missed the partner wod and my calves are still pretty tender.

going to make up the partner wod from wednesday with Andrew instead of this one.

Jeff said...

23:03 as RX'd

R.K. Barker said...

18:33.6 as Rx'd.

Adam said...

another awesome crew to close out the week! Keep up the fire everyone and have a great weekend!

18:54 (4 seconds slower than last time!)

Splits: 3:03, 3:14, 3:17, 3:16

Caleb McDaniel said...

total time of: 20:39. I ended up stopping one lap short and realized that after about 30sec. So I added an extra amount to my time to make up for my mistake.

Matt said...


Awesome group and an awesome smoker this morning. I PR'd by over 20 seconds this morning. I also did a cash-out on the battling ropes, tabata style.

Total: 19:06

jck said...


Nate said...

19:44 as Rx'd.