Thursday, 24 JANUARY 2013

Announcements: We will meet in the '62 room and likely move to the Hayes for the WOD depending on how crowded it is.

Equipment required:  Wristwatch and MOTIVATION!

Warm-up and instruction:  Start your individual warm-up when you arrive and then we will discuss the WOD/demo each movement.  Everyone will get a chance to practice each movement before we start.



60 sec. Plank hold (either elbows on the ground or hands - as long as your midline is tight, it doesn't matter)
50 x Jumping jacks (every time your hands touch overhead and return to your hips, that is one rep)
40 x Sit-ups (feet unanchored, otherwise APFT standard)
30 x Air squats (hips below parallel for full range of motion)
20 x Push-ups, hand release (advanced), regular (intermediate), knees (scaled)
10 x Handstand kick-ups (go from standing or kneeling and kick up into a wall-supported handstand position - once your heels and butt touch the wall, lower your legs back to the floor to the standing or kneeling position and repeat)

A helpful way to remember the sequence is the acronym - PJ-SA-PH (PJ was Shot in Afghanistan and got a Purple Heart).

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

great to see a big group on a chilly morning! Now if I could just kick this stupid chest cold, all would be right in the world!!

3 rounds + 2 secs. of plank hold as rx'd.

The handstand kick-ups got tough!!

R.K. Barker said...

That was a lot of fun. I wish I could have kept up with Nate and Erin, but they were haulin'!

3 rounds + 20 seconds of plank.

Nate said...

3 rounds + 12 situps.
I don't like planks...

That was a good one.

jck said...

3 rds even. Scaled on Hand Stands

Matt said...


Good to see everyone there this morning.

As Rx'd: 3 rounds + 34sec of plank.

Mickey said...

3 rounds rx w/ 13 seconds of plank holds at the end.

That was a very strange wod but a good one.

Adrienne said...

2 rounds + 5 handstand kick ups. I liked it!

ErinM said...

3 rounds + 20 sit-ups


jswobe said...

3 rounds + jumping jacks

fun, different WOD

sit-ups were, amazingly, the long pole in the tent