Friday, 4 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - today we will meet in the 3rd Floor weight room at 0530.  Please try to arrive as early as possible so we can secure some space!!   Hopefully the cadets don't have early formation...if so, please let me know!!

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will take us through the Push Press and everyone will get a chance to practice.

Equipment needed:  Barbell with appropriate load.


Push Press

Cash out - max reps of bench press (load = 75% of your body weight...round UP to the nearest 10 lbs.)

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Focus on proper technique.  For cash-out, you will complete max reps until either the spotter helps you or you put the bar back in the rack.
NOTE 2:  Use the racks for the push press.

Post loads and number of reps for the cash-out to comments.


Adam said...

it was great to see a few new faces this morning!


Cash out: 15 reps at 145 lbs. I could have done more, but without a spotter I didn't want to push it.

Have a great weekend!

Mickey said...


bench: 20x120#

good workout

R.K. Barker said...


Only 10 of bench at 120lbs, I need to work on bench.

ErinM said...


10 at 65
3 at 75, which is unfortunately not 75% of my body weight. But good to work on weaknesses!

jswobe said...

PP: 95-105-115-135-145(4)-135

Cash out: 12 reps @ 150 (I took a 15 second break and then did another 5...)