Wednesday, 9 JANUARY 2013

Announcements - We will meet in the 3rd floor weight room.  Please try to hurry upstairs and help claim some space!!!  Today is a PARTNER find someone of near equal size and ability to pair up with.

Equipment required - Jump rope & TOWEL!  We've got to make it a habit to bring our towels to every WOD...but especially when using the weight room!!

Warm-up and instruction - Adam will discuss the various methods for ground to overhead and Matt will demo.  Everyone will get a chance to warm-up before adding weight.


AMRAP 8 - one person works and the other person rests/cheers!!

5 x ground to overhead (95/65 lbs.)
10 x hand release push-ups

rest 2 minutes and then move out to the hallway for the cash-out (individual effort)

Cash out - 
200 x double-unders for time (sub 3:1 single unders)

Post partner's name with number of rounds complete and time for cash out to comments.


jck said...

FYI: Gillis Field house is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 0530-0700

Adam said...

thanks! We will probably hit it up next week!!

Jeff said...

Partnered with Erin.
5 Rds (I think) as RX'd...

Erin correct me if I am wrong please!

Cash Out in 9 min (3:1)

Adam said...

glad to see a big group this morning fighting through the crowd in the '62 Room!

I partnered up with Matt and he completed 7 rounds and I did 6 rounds + 2 HRPU as rx'd.

200 DUs in 3:48

Keep up the fire everyone!

R.K. Barker said...

I worked with myself and rested for the amount of time it took me to complete the prior round. I got seven. Rx'd.

I had to do single unders for the cash out, double unders would have taken too long. 5:57.

Caleb McDaniel said...

I partnered up with Landon. I got 7 rounds and he got 6 & 1/2.
LL unders took me 10:35. There is something about doing it in the morning that makes it difficult.

dokan sam said...

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Darrin G. said...

Nice work out. I have to get the workouts in at lunch for now. Got 7 rounds. Not sure how long DUs took, but they were fun:)

Matt said...


As Adam already recorded, we were 8 push-ups short of 7 rounds.

Cashout: 3:28

Adrienne said...

Went with a friend this afternoon and we each did 6 rounds. The single unders took me 7:39. This was a fun one!

ErinM said...

We actually got one more! 6 rounds + 1 GTO.

Nate said...

Jared and I got 6 full rounds in + 1 GTO.

Not sure how many double unders I did, but I spent about 8 minutes on them and got a variety of doubles and singles. It was more practice than anything. Still need to get the hang of them.