Tuesday, 29 JANUARY 2013

Announcements -  Today we will meet in the 3rd floor weight room.  Please try to arrive as quickly as possible so we can claim some space.  It is a partner WOD, so find someone of near equal size and strength.

Equipment required -   Bring a towel and grab a lifting platform and barbell.

Warm-up and instruction -  Start your warm-up immediately with the barbell in order to claim our space.  Primary areas to warm-up are your legs and back.  Matt will demo power cleans and Adam will take the other part of the group on the 200 meter run.  It's probably a bit further than 200 meters, but close enough. After everyone has had a chance to do both, then we will start the WOD.


Partner AMRAP 11
Person A Power cleans (115/75)
Person B Run 200 meters

Concept:  Once Person B returns, switch roles and then continue to repeat this process for 11 minutes.  Partners keep a running total of power cleans complete and total rounds complete.

NOTE:  Run route - depart the 3rd floor weight room, go left to the intersection, take a left, and run straight until you reach the end (where the stairs for the Stairway to Heaven are).  Touch the wall and return to the weight room.

Front squat: 5-5-5

NOTE:  There is no time component for the cash-out, so be sure to focus on proper form.

Post partner's name, number of power cleans and rounds complete to comments, and loads for the front squats to comments.


Jeff said...

Worked with Caleb this morning.
108 total reps

Cash Out: 135-150-165

Great working with Caleb today. From an "old guy" perspective, it's absolutely motivating to try and (1) keep up with everyone and (2) not let my younger partners down!

Nate said...

Worked with Landon.
71 reps.
Cash out for me was 95-145-145. Still need to work on my squat.

Great to see everyone this morning!

Adam said...

I second Jeff's sentiments - the young guns always fire me up!

Matt and I got after it:
115 reps as rx'd

Cash out: 145-155-165 (4/1)

Good times!!

Mickey said...

w/ andrew.

90 reps @ 115#

3x5 @ 135

Caleb McDaniel said...

Same as Jeff. I just try to not let the older folks beat me!

ErinM said...

Sorry on the no shows - SOQ Boards these past two mornings, and Sandhurst practice tomorrow.

On a more positive note - ran the IOCT on Monday - 3:11!

jswobe said...

Did this solo...so:

7 x power cleans (115)
Run 200m

6 rds + 4 power cleans (46 total pc's)


(no rack, so all from the ground)

I love my home gym...