Monday, 21 JANUARY 2013

Today we observe the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   If you aren't familiar with who he was or what he did, then you can check out:  MLK Jr. info

As with all federal holidays, try to take a moment and reflect on the meaning and sacrifice needed to give us this day off.  MLK Jr. did an incredible amount of good in only 39 years of life - talk about high intensity!!!

I hope all the Cows had a great time at 500th Night...hard to believe that you are almost 75% done!!!

Today's WOD - 

Run 5 km for time

Compare to: 19 OCT 2012

NOTE:  Our normal route is from the light pole in front of the Comm's House to Lee Gate and back, but if you are elsewhere or want to explore a new route, then do it.  Important part is simply getting out and breaking a sweat!!!

Post time to comments.and if you have any sweet 500th Night pictures send them to and I will post them for the group.


Adam said...

I ran about 5 miles this morning with my dog and my buddy Lou. I didn't time it, but we probably ran around a 7:30 pace with some nice hills near the ski slope.

chilly morning, but nice day for a run!

R.K. Barker said...

5k in 21:02. As a little motivator not to move so slowly next time I made myself do 5 rounds of 5 hand-release push ups and 5 knees to elbows. A little chilly out, but not too bad.

Mickey said...

Just got back. Not enough time for a 5k. i'll have to make it up sometime.

jswobe said...

Messed up the distance a little...ran about 3.3 miles