Friday, 22 June 2012

It looks simple enough, but trust me, it will be challenging!

Advanced = 30 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Intermediate = 15 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Beginner = 20 minutes practice of handstands - see how long you can hold a supported handstand for each iteration.

Every time you take a rest break, knock out 3 ring pull-ups.

Compare to: 19 AUG 2011

NOTE:  If not familar with wall climbs - you start with your chest flat on the ground, with feet touching the wall behind you.  Use your arms and legs to move your body until you are completely inverted into a supported handstand position against the wall.  Walk your hands out and back to the starting position.

Post time and number of breaks to comments.


Adam said...

nice work by PJ and Josh H. this morning on a tough one! The 95% humidity did not help as being a sweaty mess made it hard to do the wall climbs!

15:01 as rx'd (a big improvement over 19 AUG!!)

My rep scheme was 5-4-3-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1 (11 breaks = 33 ring pull-ups)

JC said...

Well, I learned one at least one thing this morning. I'm definitely not advanced. I did 30 wall climbs but I scaled by eliminating the HSPU. I was nearly as vigilant about my time and rep scheme as Adam, but I think it took me around 15 minutes and I did about 10 sets, 30 reps, of RPUs. Very challenging skill WOD, right in the sweet spot of the skill that I need to work on most handstand exercises.

Mickey said...

Tried to go for 30 but ended up having to scale back to 20.

Forgot about the ring pullups for resting, but theres nowhere to do pullups around here anyway.


Hspu took me forever after all the wall climbs.