Monday, 25 JUNE 2012

For today's WOD we will meet at the track (Shea Stadium, down by the river near Gillis Field House/softball field).  If you don't know how to get there check it out on Google or shoot me an email:

We will meet up at 0535, warm-up for a bit, and then get after it!  Since we are out of Arvin, feel free to wear whatever you'd like.

Double-trouble running WOD:

This WOD is limited to 45 minutes.  With a constantly running clock you will run and rest at equal intervals and continue to double the run distance each round.  Start with a 100 meter run and then rest the same time it took you to run 100 meters.  After the rest, double your distance (now 200 meters) and rest the amount it took you to run the doubled distance (rest the same time as it took you to run 200 meters).  Continue this sequence of doubling your distance with associated rest until you run out of time.

For those who are math challenged, you will run: Round #1: 100 meters (length of football field), rest, Round #2: 200 meters (down and back football field), rest, Round #3: 400 meters (1 lap of track), rest, Round #4: 800 meters (2 laps), rest.....Round 5: 4 laps, Round 6: 8 laps, etc.

I highly recommend that you wear a watch that lets you do split times so it will keep your overall running time and your lap time to manage your work/rest cycle.

Post total number of rounds and partial rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

glad that a few brave souls joined us this morning at the track! It rained rather hard and we had to call it short once the lightening got close!

100m: 18.25
200m: 42.63
400m: 1:24
800m: 3:12
mile: 7:29
mile + 1 lap: 10:37 (then called it off at 37 minutes total)

Mickey said...

long first day down at fort jackson.

10 rounds for time:
10x Pushups
10x Rower (abs)
10x Air Squat


hopefully now i can get back into a more regular lifting schedule.

JC said...

100m: 18.88
200m: 40.33
400m: 1:18
800m: 2:40
mile: 6:05
2 mile: 13:19
Total Distance: 6,300 in 35:19

I caught round 3 or 4 of today's storms. Tough WOD, but a good benchmark WOD.

jswobe said...

I did:


Then called it b/c of time. I think the whole thing took me 41 mins (or so)