Tuesday, 26 JUNE 2012

Today we will start with 10 minutes of work on hang cleans (full range of motion - "squat cleans").  Work up to your one rep max and record what it is.

Hang cleans (load = 60% of 1 rep max)

Post 1 rep max and time for WOD to comments.


JC said...

I was pretty weak with the cleans today. I maxed out at 135, although I'm pretty sure my 1RM is closer to 155.

7:02 @ 65lbs.

Way to go to the rest of the crew who loaded up the bar up for the WOD, and still killed it on the WOD.

Adam said...

I am nursing a strained calf right now, so I sub'ed front squats for cleans and didn't go in the upper ranges.

6:35 w/ front squat at 85 lbs.

Nice work by the early risers!

Mickey said...

Of course Fort Jackson has no bumper plates, so I did not feel comfortable working up to a 1RM.

10:23 today w/ 95# bar. Did power hang cleans, not full cleans. Sorry about that.

Grip is toasted. Gym is definitely not very crossfit friendly. I think I am just going to start working through the bodyweight WODs from SealFit and then hitting the strength stuff on weekends.

Mickey said...

PS: 2 cool things.

1. Word has it that Sean not only made it all the way through SFAS, he got selected as well. So that's pretty awesome.

2. I called a local crossfit box near my parents house to get my dad a beginner's class for father's day and ended up talking to Christmas Abbott. Very nice lady. I don't know if you've heard of her, but she's been in the games and in magazines and stuff. It was pretty cool to talk to one of the big crossfit names. She was so friendly I didn't even realize who it was until about a week later. Cool stuff.

jswobe said...

Max: 160#

WOD @ 95#


My hands were wrecked...couldn't hold onto the damn pull-up bar...